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JRuby: Saint Valentine, Bless Java and Ruby

Denis Petruchik


In January, the JRuby community announced the 1.6.0.RC1 release of JRuby, a Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. Since we already utilized this tool in one of our Java projects, the release encouraged me to take a deeper look at it and reveal its strong sides and hidden issues.

What is JRuby?

Well, JRuby is the interpreter of the Ruby programming language that enables building Ruby scripts and Ruby on Rails applications into Java implementations. JRuby features some of the similar concepts Ruby has, including object-oriented programming and duck-typing.

With JRuby, you get most of the Ruby/Rails advantages and enable interoperability with Java platform applications, as well as gain access to the full range of Java functionality.

    1. You can efficiently use Java classes in Ruby scripts.

    2. JRuby can be applied to create solutions for Google App Engine. You can use JRuby as easy as any of the native App Engine languages.


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