Altoros Signed Real Estate IT Outsourcing and Software Development Contract with AULODEK

Alex Khizhnyak

Tampa, Florida – On May 9, 2003, Altoros signed Real Estate IT Outsourcing and Software Development contract with AULODEK, a major Real Estate Consulting and E-Business Development company based in France. AULODEK offers corporate real estate clients and private investors an opportunity to successfully invest in commercial and residential E-Business in major European markets and worldwide.

Altoros has been hired to help AULODEK with their Information Technology (IT) Development initiatives. One of the key objectives of the engagement is to develop an E-Commerce Solution for AULODEK. Due to the rapid growth of AULODEK, achieved in part through acquisitions, there has been a proliferation of different business systems throughout the company.

Altoros ‘s mission is establish and develop B2C portal and reach the business goals, deliver faster service, increase customer satisfaction and better profitability. Altoros will help AULODEK develop a solid web presence, giving a consistent corporate image for it’s new venture. Future plans call for developing e-commerce and customer service functionality on the site.

“We are thrilled that AULODEK has selected us as their IT outsourcing partner. We look forward to help them with IT and E-Business Development initiatives leveraging our expertise and innovative approach in software and web development for the Real Estate industry and new analytic business models. We hope to be able to make a key difference to their business,” said Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros Systems Sr. Account Executive.

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