Altoros Develops An Employee Performance Assessment System to Improve Software Project Management

Alex Khizhnyak

Chicopee, MA – On March 4, 2008, Altoros has finalized the development of innovative employee performance assessment system. The proprietary metric-based tool enables customers to be in control of software quality in real time during the development lifecycles. Performance management system allows to assess distributed software engineering team members by several key metrics, such as: technical metrics, personal metrics, project metrics, and so on.

At each stage of developing an adequate performance management system (diagnosis, procedures, design, pilot implementation, and introduction) numerous issues should be taken into consideration:

    * level of communication between linear managers and employees;
    * performance evaluation and level of expertise
    * culture, traditions, and style of management which is adopted in the organization;
    * connection between performance and reward system

With the help of Altoros’s Performance management system, organizations can turn their employee review process into a tool for better achieving both tactical performance and strategic business goals. Although process management tools cannot substitute having skilled employees and automate their creative work, they provide crucial numeric data for performance measurement process.

Like many innovations, setting up the performance management system is often a lengthy and expensive initiative. However, clear understanding of company’s values and its desire to establish a “performance management culture” can help succeed in implementation of the system.

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