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Sergey Bushik

This posting will go into an overview of the enStratus Cloud Management Platform that includes three main components: the Console (Web interface for cloud management), the Provisioning System (storing critical data, auto-scaling, auto-recovery, and cloud system monitoring), and the Credentials System (authentication and encryption credentials).


enStratus is a Software-as-a-Service platform for cloud infrastructure management across multiple providers. Furthermore, enStratus is a cloud governance service that provides comprehensive audit of the following cloud computing providers: Amazon Web Services,, Eucalyptus, Google, GoGrid, OpenStack, Rackspace, ReliaCloud, Terremark, VMware, and Windows Azure.

enStratus Pros

  • Financial controls, such as billing codes, quotas, and reporting, provided by enStratus can help customers track cloud spending across multiple accounts of their cloud environments. enStratus can also perform audit down to the resource level and associate cloud resources with distinct cloud budgets.
  • enStratus enforces security, encrypting customer’s cloud environment. According to this model, only managers with access to digital keys can access the cloud. Keys are stored outside the cloud environment to guarantee a high level of security so only those with permissions can access the cloud infrastructure.
  • Finally, enStratus features the ability to work with multiple currencies, enabling customers to do cloud billing in any number of currencies.

enStratus Cons

The challenges a company may encounter using enStratus include such issues as “no-sharing-keys” policy, Cloud Provider coupling, as well as the potential issues with hosting back-ups.

enStratus Recommended Use

enStratus cloud management platform is a good fit for providing for cloud security and availability management. Its patent-pending security architecture ensures the separation of security keys from encrypted data and keeping user credentials outside the cloud.

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