Cloud Tools: Real-Time Business Analytics with Mixpanel

Sergey Bushik

This blog posting will focus on Mixpanel—a real-time analytics service that offers a set of tools for tracking user behavior on your Web sites or applications.


Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that offers visitor retention analysis, event tracking, and custom funnel/action analytics.

Mixpanel Pros

Mixpanel features lots of useful things that may be an advantage for Cloud developers who wish to analyze user behavior and interaction with their Web services. Particularly, Mixpanel analyzes data in real-time (with the stats being updated immediately), it is also platform-independent, and more.

Mixpanel Cons

However, studying some real-world scenarios featuring Mixpanel, I’ve met reports of challenges that a company may face when starting its implementation.

Mixpanel Recommended Use

Mixpanel can help Web-based companies learn about the users’ most preferable features or test how they interact with different changes in content, functionality, and design.

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