Meetup on Agile Project Management and Its Deployment Using TFS Held in NY

Alex Khizhnyak

NYmeetupOn June 25, 2010, a meetup on Agile Project Management took place at Microsoft’s New York office. The meeting was organized by Alexander Rodau, the co-founder of Altoros Consulting, an IT consulting company, and was dedicated to the Agile methodology and deployment of Agile Project Management for software development projects. Jerry Katzke of JK Associates and Andrei Yurkevich, President of Altoros, were the special guests at the event.

Brief summary

Jerry Katzke, Principal at JK Associates, started the meetup with a general introduction to Agile, he then compared it with other software development methodologies and spoke on the key features of Agile Project Management.

After that, Andrei Yurkevich elaborated on the Agile Project Management implementation into Microsoft-based development environments, such as Team Foundation Server (TFS). His presentation was based on the experience of TFS-related product development, including the add-ons for Visual Studio Team System (VSTS).

The presentation was followed by an open discussion, in which all the participants took part. They talked over and compared the existing development tools that support Agile development and shared their experience in employing Agile Project Management in their software development projects. That part of the meeting was very interactive, according to James Mahoney, IT application consultant, who said, “Everyone was encouraged to give input and ask questions—and everyone did.”

Alexander Rodau, the meetup organizer, was very content with the event. “We had a very thorough discussion around Agile Project Management,” he added. “I liked the way we shared information and best practices. I also liked the couple of beers afterwards…Great meeting!”

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