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Cassandra installation and configuration

Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication

Application development using Cassandra as a data storage

Cassandra consulting: analyzing your business aand migrating parts of your application schema to Cassandra to improve performance

High-load and scalable systems

Altoros builds high-load and scalable applications capable of processing up to 100,000 requests per second with real-time analytics and reporting based on historical data.

Data analytics and processing

Altoros's Java team develops data analysis algorithms using Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Hive, Impala, etc. Our solutions enable customers to quickly analyze billions of records, define patterns and dependencies, use the results in software applications, and make business decisions based on this data.

Microservices applications

Altoros designs and develops scalable microservices applications in compliance with twelve-factor app manifesto. Our team has extensive experience in deploying and scaling microservices with the help of Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Internet of Things applications

Altoros builds IoT solutions that enable advanced monitoring of devices connected to a network. Due to special binary protocols (such as Protobuf), the solutions that we’ve developed for a number of healthcare and energy companies were extremely fast, scalable, fault tolerant, and capable of staying connected to thousands of enabled devices simultaneously.

Business automation software

Altoros re-engineers and automates complex and time-consuming business processes. Our customers’ solutions get new features and improved UX for managing business tasks, which enables the staff to adjust the process objects and properties whenever they will need in the future. Thus, we enable the owners to save time and cut costs.

If you haven’t found the expertise you need, please inquire about it via the contact form, email, or a phone call.

Access to our R&D department that has performed multiple benchmark studies of NoSQL databases, Hadoop implementations, and cloud systems

91.5% of the team members are Mid- and Senior-level software engineers with excellent communication skills; a documented low turnover rate

10+ Vendor-independent benchmarks featured in CIO.com, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld. These benchmarks help software architects and DBAs to find performance bottlenecks and fine-tune their NoSQL-based systems. Latest research

Access to 250+ in-house front-end, big data, Ruby, .NET, Java, and QA engineers—we cover the entire application development life cycle

A big data development team of 30+ engineers with proven expertise in implementing NoSQL data stores

Altoros has been recognized as a proven market leader in Hadoop and big data consulting, according to a study by Clutch (ex-SourcingLine), a research company based in Washington, DC.

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  • Landon Swan
    Co-founder, LikeFolio
  • Paul Caponetti
    Director of Engineering, Xively by LogMeIn
  • Nolan Zandi
    Founder and Lead Solution Architect/Engineer, Zanobo Partners
  • Kalle A. Ojala
    Chief product officer, Medisapiens ltd.
  • We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!

    Christopher Adorna
    User experience consultant, Sony design center
  • I would absolutely recommend Altoros for any software development project. They are very flexible and very accommodating to your needs.

    Katelyn Huber
    Product Manager, CipherHealth
  • We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.

    Paul Lothridge
    Director of program management, Nuodb
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  • Methodology

    1 / Rational unified process
    2 / Agile
    3 / Scrum
    On-site / Offshore
    Depending on project size, geo location, cost, deadlines, pricing model, etc.

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