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Personal Schedule Planner

Personal Schedule Planner is used to manage time more efficiently by setting tasks and subtasks for a particular day, assigning time for their fulfillment, and tracking progress. The application will remind about jobs or events appointed on a particular date and the information about the number of current tasks will be displayed on the live tile of the application. Personal Schedule Planner can be synchronized with Google’s and Microsoft’s Calendars, which enables keeping full control of user’s daily activities.

The customer wanted to develop an application that would enable Windows Phone 7 users to accomplish more goals a day due to more efficient time management by using the application. Being a native Windows Phone 7 app, the Personal Schedule Planner had to make the work with tasks handier and support exchanging tasks with Google’s and Microsoft’s Calendars.

The team faced a challenging task to provide full integration with third-party calendars. The developers had to find a way to properly exchange tasks between the application and Google’s and Microsoft’s Calendars.

To make the interface more user-friendly, it was necessary to implement live tile support, which would show users an updated number of tasks assigned for a day.

Altoros’s team investigated the APIs of Google’s and Microsoft’s Calendars and after that a unified object was implemented. Due to this solution, Personal Schedule Planner will be able to support multiple additional third-party time management systems in future.

A tile of the app had to display the number of tasks to do and update this information constantly to show the accurate number. Windows Phone 7 SDK was used to implement custom drawing of the tile making it live.

Personal Schedule Planner helps users to keep all their daily tasks at hand and manage their time more efficiently. Broad integration capabilities extend the application functionality and all third-party calendars features are unified under one friendly interface.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

MS Windows Server 2008 R2

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 7 Toolkit, Compact SQL, Background Agent, Live Tile, Google Calendar API, Calendar (Microsoft Live Connect API)

Programming Language

C#, Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

Modeling Tool

MS Visio 2010

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010

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