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RR Donnelley Creates a New Revenue Channel with an Insurance Application

The project is an online application enabling health insurance companies prepare, review, approve, and mail benefit summaries for a variety of insurance products.

RR Donnelley wanted to develop an online application to help health insurance companies prepare, review, approve, and mail benefit summaries for a variety of insurance products. Insurance companies required flexibility to create an unlimited number of criteria to describe benefits and pricing on insurance products. These criteria would then be put into a ready template and presented to the consumer in a convenient form—electronically or printed at RR Donnelley facilities.

In a short time span, Altoros had to design and develop an enterprise application for the insurance industry to allow major insurers to create and manage insurance benefit summaries for millions of consumers.

The development team faced several challenges, both business and technical:

  • The product should be capable of creating and managing life cycle of thousands of insurance products benefit plan summaries for millions of consumers.
  • Business processes and usage scenarios had to be fine tuned in order to address requirements of hundreds of customers.
  • The team had to incorporate and re-use the source code of legacy applications.

Altoros worked in close collaboration with RR Donnelley management and in-house technical teams to lay out product strategy, design, functional requirements, and test plans. Altoros screened, selected, and assigned a team of software engineers and a project manager who had prior experience in the insurance industry.

Technologies selected included Python, Java, JavaScript, and Perl. A significant effort was invested into low-level design of the product to ensure scalability and long-term low cost of maintenance.

By partnering with Altoros, RR Donnelley was able to create an additional revenue channel and turn a number of major insurers into customers in a short period of time.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Linux RedHat

Client Platform/Application Server

Apache 1/3

Programming Language

Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl


Oracle 10g

Development Environment

Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

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