Security and Load Testing

Security and Load Testing

Security Testing

Security testing verifies if your software offers reliable user and system security and protects end-users from intrusions and the theft or loss of private and sensitive data.

Our approach

  • Application architecture and business needs are analyzed, security testing checklist is prepared (with main threatening attacks to check and mandatory security requirements to comply with).
  • An application is examined in compliance with the prepared checklist.
  • Test result report is created with the described detected problems and recommendations on application quality improvement.


OWASP Web Scarab, Websecurify


Security testing checklist, test result report

Load Testing

Load testing generally refers to the practice of modeling the expected usage of a software program by simulating multiple users accessing the program concurrently.

Our approach

  • Software requirements are analyzed, application load model is prepared and approved with a customer.
  • Test scripts are developed and debugged.
  • Tests are executed.
  • In case of low application performance, the achieved results are analyzed and the reason is detected (Application/Database/Network/Client side processing/Load balancer/Third-party applications).
  • Test result report is prepared, containing the achieved results description and application performance improvement recommendations.


JMeter, LoadRunner


Test result report (load model is usually included in report), test scripts, test scripts documentation

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