Technology Benchmarking

Technology Benchmarking

Sharpen Your Big Data System with Technology Benchmarking

A lack of established industry standards and multiple technical issues involved in testing, make it hard to receive exact figures on how your system performs in comparison to competitors. You will need expertise in the API’s and optimization of each solution you want to test against and, even if you manage to get some figures, potential customers are likely to view your results as biased. In addition, to beat the competition, you will need time and resources to find performance bottlenecks and figure out how to eliminate them.

Test on up to hundreds of servers depending on expected load

big_data_bi_consultants_2016_croppedServing technology leaders, such as Couchbase, NuoDB, Joyent, RightScale, and others, Altoros provides vendor-independent benchmarking of cloud, NoSQL/NewSQL, and distributed computing technologies to help you build big data products polished and fine-tuned for specific use cases.

Adjust your strategy

Get ahead of the competition by benchmarking your solution against the industry leaders and identifying your strengths/weaknesses under the same types of load.

Find and eliminate performance bottlenecks

See where there is room for improvement and sharpen your competitive advantages with detailed recommendations on fine-tuning. Prove your product is ready for big data by testing it on dozens or hundreds of servers—depending on expected loads.

Speed up development

Cut release cycles focusing your development efforts on the most critical issues and bottlenecks.

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“We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!”

Christopher Adorna


“We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.”

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Customers Speak

  • "We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!"

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