Cloud Infrastructure Management

Altoros provides a team of certified cloud architects, administrators, and DevOps engineers to help you to implement, automate, and manage private and hybrid clouds and make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable. Our contribution to cloud administration for various companies ranged from providing cloud consulting to deploying the entire infrastructure life-cycle management.

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Consulting services and infrastructure overview

Altoros offers a full range of consulting services. Our AWS, GCP, Azure experts will review your existing infrastructure, as well as investigate overall architecture and services interaction model to offer you the best solutions. Optimize the existing infrastructure performance and maintenance cost without disrupting end-user productivity.

Legacy application modernization. Migration to the cloud

Altoros’s app modernization service is designed to help customers to migrate the existing software assets to the cloud platform smoothly, in the most efficient manner, and with minimum or zero downtime.

Cloud-native development

We built cloud-native, microservices-based, and containerized applications using Amazon ECS with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes Service for improved portability, scalability, and maintenance.

Application migration to cloud

By migrating applications from on-premises, Microsoft Azure, GCP or AWS to another cloud, engineers at Altoros ensure high availability, fault tolerance, stable performance with zero downtime, and data security.

IoT development services

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. Our developers may help you to optimize an existing infrastructure as well as develop a new one.

We deliver in an agile manner

Sticking to the Agile methodology, Altoros is able to quickly respond to the constantly changing requirements of customers, break the development process into feasible iterations, and thus release faster and more frequently. Discover how we make it work.

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Damian Castelli
Business Development Manager