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Since 2006, Ruby on Rails developers at Altoros have been helping software companies and start-ups to deliver applications faster and at a lower cost. Over the years, we have matured into the largest Ruby on Rails development team in Europe and South America—with 50+ Ruby on Rails developers!

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Full-stack app development

Web and cloud-native application development using Ruby On Rails, SQL and NoSQL databases, HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc.

Back-End development

Ruby On Rails back-end development. Agile software development only.

Re-design of existing solution

Ruby On Rails application architecture re-design and improvement

Porting to RoR

Porting web applications to Ruby On Rails-based frameworks.

API development

API development in RoR and its integration.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails team

Extend your in-house talent with our dedicated team of software RoR engineers, architects, and project managers.

We deliver in an agile manner

Sticking to the Agile methodology, Altoros is able to quickly respond to the constantly changing requirements of customers, break the development process into feasible iterations, and thus release faster and more frequently. Discover how we make it work.

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