Professional big data and AI services to power your FinTech projects

By analyzing big data, our artificial intelligence apps help financial organizations understand market trends, ensure compliance with the industry security standards, manage risks, and detect fraudulent activities.

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Challenges we solve

Data quality

Large volumes of heterogeneous information are hard to ingest, store, and process. We enable our customers to gather only relevant data to drive informed decision making.

Security and compliance

Altoros helps customers to ensure security and compliance with a range of industry standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book, Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, etc., by developing big data management tools that protect business-critical information and immediately detect suspicious activities.

Risk management

With artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, your organization can facilitate risk management and improve reporting to make data-driven decisions. Being able to assess possibilities with more precision gives companies a broader range of feasible strategies to pursue.

Legacy systems migration

Traditional financial institutions still rely on legacy software for most of their operations. Thus, using outdated technologies while gathering, storing, and analyzing large amounts of data may put your entire platform at risk. Altoros helps you to migrate the existing system to a modern technology stack or develop a brand-new solution to meet your requirements, providing ongoing support and maintenance.

We help emerging FinTech companies and startups to enrich their customer experience by delivering custom big data solutions.

Services we deliver

Data processing
By employing machine learning (ML) algorithms, pattern recognition, and deep learning, we build solutions that handle large volumes of data at speed.
Data management
With data management in place, companies can ensure that information is accurate and easy to process. Our solutions help organizations to automatically identify errors, detect and remove duplicated values overloading the existing system, as well as add missing data, such as legal entity identifiers, BIC codes, etc.
Data analytics
AI and ML solutions help to anticipate market trends, customer behavior, potential risks, etc. Altoros enables companies to process complex unstructured data to drive actionable insights, as well as develop personalized financial products and services based on the received information.
Data visualization
Experts at Altoros deliver data visualization tools, making it easier to transform huge sets of financial information into understandable graphs, charts, maps, etc., so you can easily identify the recent tendencies in real-time and act accordingly.
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Benefits we bring


Data accuracy

Big data management solutions enable organizations to identify and correct irrelevant or false information in real time ensuring that only high-quality data is used for decision-making, risk assessment, and other business processes.


Customer segmentation

By analyzing big data, FinTech firms can generate detailed user-profiles and develop segmentation strategies to meet their specific needs. For example, a firm may group customers based on monthly spendings, age, gender, location, and other criteria to offer relevant products and services.


A more secure environment

Artificial intelligence allows FinTech companies to develop anti-fraud systems that detect suspicious transactions. Businesses can also use digital apps to communicate seamlessly with customers, alerting them of security threats.


Better risk assessment

With our services, FinTech firms can manage cash flow with a higher degree of certainty and offer customers more competitive rates.



Chatbots are used to provide customer support and initiate tasks on a human behalf: complete payments, manage transactions, assist in detecting fraud, etc.

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Why сompanies choose Altoros

PCI DSS, PCI PA-DSS compliance
We develop financial software in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
We offer high standards of data storage and encryption methods.
The 12-factor app approach allows us to build scalable cloud-native software for ever-growing amounts of data and the increasing number of users.
Expert knowledge
10+ years of experience in the finance industry.
Third-party API development and integration
Utilizing ready-made APIs and custom connectors, we integrate financial software with third-party payment gateways, allowing end users to experience easy and secure payment channels.
Maintenance and support
At Altoros, we provide continuous maintenance and support and effective troubleshooting 24/7.

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