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Since 2006, Ruby-on-Rails (RoR) developers at Altoros have been helping enterprise-grade companies and startups to deliver applications faster and at a lower cost.

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Our Ruby-on-Rails development services

Building a dedicated team

Hire dedicated Ruby-on-Rails developers to reinforce your in-house resources. With expertise gained across 350+ projects encompassing multiple industries, our dedicated RoR engineers, developers, architects, and project managers can build secure, dynamic, and engaging custom web apps to drive your business. We offer a risk-free trial period and a team retention guarantee.

Architecture redesign and code refactoring

With our efficient engineering processes, we can smoothly refactor and redesign your architecture, while achieving scalability and flexibility. Hire Ruby-on-Rails developers to audit your existing code, provide consultation, and improve your codebase without making any changes to existing functionality or a business model.

Custom web application development

With over 15 years of experience providing Ruby-on-Rails web development services, our company will help you to build custom applications and servers of any scale. The RoR engineers at Altoros develop high-performance web software using Ruby on Rails, SQL and NoSQL databases, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Ruby-on-Rails migration

At Altoros, we make the existing solution more flexible and secure by porting your web application to Ruby on Rails–based frameworks. Along with database management, our Ruby on Rails development company also migrates your data, servers, as well as legacy software and services.

API development and integration

Our Ruby-on-Rails development services include the creation of highly secure and adaptable server-side APIs to build a unified software ecosystem. We set a smooth communication between diverse software components, technologies, and programs, as well as enable integration of your solution with other services and apps.

Maintenance and support

As a development company with Ruby-on-Rails expertise, we help you to scale your web architecture, while delivering performance testing and framework optimization. We provide post-release application support and maintenance services, ensuring that your solution is stable and secure 24/7.

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Why choose Altoros as an RoR development company?

Trained professionals. In our development company, we hire Ruby-on-Rails developers with 4+ years of experience. 60% of our RoR engineers are senior specialists with degrees in computer science or math.

B2+ English level or higher. Our Ruby-on-Rails engineers know how important communication is. Nearly 80% of our developers possess an upper-intermediate or a higher level of English.

Exceptional domain expertise. As a company with Ruby-on-Rails web development expertise, we have successfully delivered 1,420+ projects across healthcare, fintech, logistics, e-commerce, insurance, sports, etc.

A proven track record. Over the last 15 years, our software development company has successfully completed 150+ Ruby-on-Rails projects for startups and enterprise-grade customers.

Time zone–aligned. Headquartered in Pleasanton, Altoros has 7 global offices in Norway, Finland, USA, Argentina, and Eastern Europe.

Our customers speak

Since the company's foundation in 2001, Altoros has gone a long way to build a team of full-stack developers with solid technology expertise that has received a lot of positive customer testimonials.

Our customer satisfaction rate is95%according to our NPS surveys held on a 3-month basis. Learn more about our customers.




“I would definitely recommend Altoros for software development projects. It has been a pleasure working with them. There is a huge commitment from the team. The code quality and communication are top-notch. Absolutely would recommend hiring Altoros for software needs.”

Landon Swan, Co-founder of Likefolio




“The remit of the Altoros ops folks is to locate and stabilize a malfunctioning service and report it to the engineering team. If they can't stabilize it, they have permission to wake us up, but that's only happened once.”

Laurie Voss, Cofounder and COO at npm



Doubled our customer base and rolled out several new product lines

“In collaboration with our in-house team, our Altoros contractors swiftly identified and articulated critical paths against our roadmap. Altoros contractors were able to dive in from day one and meaningfully contribute to our engineering organization.”

Alex Scott, Co-founder at Revere

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Why consider Ruby on Rails for web development?

Thanks to the simplicity of prototyping, Ruby on Rails is used by startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. Ruby on Rails enables teams to develop a prototype faster than it can be done with other web frameworks. Thanks to this, a customer can evaluate the feasibility of its product and introduce necessary improvements early on.

As a result, many businesses that started with MVPs and then turned to a Ruby-on-Rails development company have become brand names worth millions of dollars.

Frequently asked questions

  • What benefits can your Ruby on Rails development services provide to my business?

    At Altoros, we offer Ruby on Rails development services that can help businesses create robust, scalable, and secure web applications. Our experienced team of developers is proficient in utilizing Ruby on Rails to deliver customized solutions that meet our clients' unique business requirements. We also ensure that our development process is transparent, and our clients have complete control over their project's progress.

  • What tech stack do you use for Ruby on Rails development?

    Our Ruby on Rails development team utilizes a tech stack that includes Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and React.js. We choose these technologies because they are reliable, efficient, and help us to build high-quality web applications.

  • Why do I need Ruby on Rails development services to improve my business operations?

    Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework that enables rapid application development. Using Ruby on Rails, we can help businesses improve their operations by delivering custom web applications that are tailored to their unique needs. These applications can automate various business processes, streamline workflows, and improve efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

  • How much does it cost to outsource Ruby on Rails development for my project?

    The cost of outsourcing Ruby on Rails development services depends on various factors, such as project complexity, size, and timeline. At Altoros, we provide flexible engagement models that cater to different project requirements and budgets. Contact us to discuss your project needs, and we will provide you with a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

  • How can Ruby on Rails help with prototyping and MVPs?

    Ruby on Rails offers pre-built functionalities called 'gems' and is a highly-readable language, making it ideal for quickly prototyping and building MVPs. With an experienced team, businesses can diversify their product range quickly.

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