EHR/EMR Software Development

We develop interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems helping healthcare organizations to improve doctor–patient communication and streamline workflows.

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Services we offer

Custom EHR development
Our company offers electronic health record software development to help healthcare organizations to store medical history, prescription information, lab test results, billing details, etc., shared between doctors and patients in a secure manner.
Custom EMR development
Altoros develops electronic medical record software serving as digital versions of traditional paper records with patient information. By employing such systems, medical organizations can facilitate knowledge sharing between clinicians involved in diagnostics, reduce paperwork, streamline treatment, and save doctors’ time to improve care quality.
Third-party service integration
As a company with EHR integration expertise, we expand the functionality of existing systems by enabling appointment scheduling, video calls, automated reporting, billing, etc. For remote patient monitoring, integrate the Internet-of-Things devices, such as wearable biosensors, activity trackers, etc.
EHR/EMR mobile app development
EHR/EMR developers at Altoros build mobile apps to deliver improved task management, instant access to health data, etc.
EHR/EMR customization
In addition to EHR software development, Altoros assists in automating report generation, implementing digital prescriptions, as well as integrating voice and handwriting recognition to reduce fraud and improve the daily routine of healthcare institutions.
Healthcare data analytics
By implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, EHR developers at Altoros help healthcare organizations to analyze massive arrays of information and enable predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve preventive care.
EHR/EMR additional modules
As a company with EHR integration expertise, we extend the system’s functionality with additional modules to seamlessly and securely consolidate medical data within your organization.
Medical billing integration
Prescription management
Appointment scheduling
Hospital management
Medical imaging
Remote care
Medical billing integration
As part of EHR development, we incorporate third-party billing systems into healthcare software, enabling medical organizations to efficiently send invoices to insurance companies, manage claims, and collect payments.
Prescription management
EMR software development experts at Altoros build e-prescribing systems that allow doctors to write digital prescriptions and send them to participating pharmacies.
Appointment scheduling
We offer EHR software development to enable medical organizations to automatically check staff working hours, tailor the time suitable for a patient and a doctor, as well as send timely notifications about an upcoming visit.
Hospital management
Hire EHR developers at Altoros to build a solution for managing financial, administrative, and legal operations, while ensuring compliance with privacy-related regulations (e.g., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health).
Medical imaging
Our company offers electronic health record software development, helping healthcare providers analyze and interpret the results of computer tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds, etc., and improve patient outcomes.
Remote care
Electronic medical records software development experts at Altoros build systems that enable doctors to monitor patient condition remotely, provide online consultations, and send automatic reminders.
The Technical Side of Embedding Video Calls into Telehealth Apps

Features of EHR/EMR software

Our electronic health record software is deployed in the cloud and seamlessly integrated with other medical systems. Take advantages of the following features:

Patient health records


Appointment scheduling and management




Lab orders and results


Health status reporting


Virtual appointments

Why сompanies choose Altoros

When building electronic health record software, we abide by the standards and regulations accepted in the healthcare industry, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.
As part of EMR software development, we implement comprehensive security measures (multifactor authentication, role-based access control, frequent backups, etc.) to protect sensitive medical data from cyberattacks, unauthorized access, data leaks, and other types of vulnerabilities.
Cloud-native development
The 12-factor app approach allows us to build scalable cloud-native software for ever-growing amounts of data and the increasing number of users. Thanks to the Agile methodology, engineers at Altoros deliver in frequent iterations, satisfying changing customer needs and reducing time to market.
Electronic medical records software development at Altoros helps medical organizations to enable a seamless flow of information between facility departments, labs, medical insurance companies, and other involved parties.
We are a system integrator of mHealth apps and EMR software with remote patient monitoring solutions that provide better patient engagement experiences and reduce clinical expenses.
Maintenance and support
In addition to EHR development services, we provide 24/7 maintenance, support, and effective troubleshooting of your systems across all levels (infrastructure, platform, etc.).

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