The Challenges of Implementing Data-Driven Personalized Healthcare

Alex Khizhniak

March 1, 2023

(Featured image credit: EY) While innovation and EHRs enable more patient-centric care, ensuring interoperability and providing in-home care can be tricky. The cost of an error in healthcare The most recent findings by the AHRQ (December 2022) show that 7.4 million patients are misdiagnosed yearly in the US alone. As a result, 2.6 million suffer […]

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Barriers and Guidelines to Adopting Wearables in Sports

Andrea Stefano

December 21, 2022

Athletes can rely on sensors to assess performance, but device adoption comes with technical and compliance challenges. The sports wearable landscape With the speed of a sprinter and the strength of a boxer, innovations are impacting every facet of the sports business. According to a survey by PwC‌, 69.7% of the respondents mentioned that the […]

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IoT in Transportation and Logistics: Use Cases, Challenges, and Best Practices

Andrea Stefano

December 13, 2022

While improving fleet management, asset tracking, etc., the IoT requires security, networking, and other measures in place. The state of the IoT in transportation Modern transportation and logistics are making the world interconnected, communicating, or, we may say, “smaller.” Over the last two decades, the Internet of Things (IoT) has further amplified this effect, providing […]

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Scaling Industrial IoT in Manufacturing: Challenges and Guidelines

Andrea Stefano

November 30, 2022

Explore IIoT’s essentials and use cases, along with the best practices to address the most common adoption and scaling challenges.

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Outsourcing Software Development to Argentina or Brazil: What’s the Difference?

Chiara Mesiona

June 22, 2022

Outsourcing to Argentina offers affordable access to software development talent regarded for delivering cutting-edge innovation. Demand for software outsourcing Many IT companies in major markets are struggling to access the precise software development expertise that is required at a given time. The hiring and full onboarding of in-house talent typically requires significant costs and could […]

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