Legacy Software Modernization

Modernize your legacy apps to suit the evolving landscape of the digital world. Upgrade your technology stack to optimize performance, simplify maintenance, and ensure ongoing support/upgrades.

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Modernization services for legacy applications

We offer legacy software modernization services designed to address business challenges of enterprises—be it a vendor lock-in, snowballing IT costs, or lack of data-driven insights—to help you reach and sustain a competitive edge.


As part of our modernization services for legacy applications, the IT consultants at Altoros will thoroughly investigate your infrastructure and codebase. Based on your requirements, we will also provide a detailed roadmap of improvements to derive maximum return on investment.


As a company with software modernization expertise, we will assist you in reengineering a legacy app to make the most out of your core business systems, while reducing technical debt and improving efficiency.


We deliver services around legacy application modernization and migration, helping companies to transition existing databases and operating systems without downtime. Our experts will also help you to adopt widely supported programming languages and frameworks like .NET and Java.

Cloud enablement

We offer IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions that can bring you such benefits as unlimited scalability, outstanding elasticity, superior computing power, and faster time to market. Being an experienced company in software modernization, Altoros can help you migrate apps to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

API development

Develop an API to easily integrate various third-party services and apps. As part of our IT modernization services, we ensure robust and secure communication between existing systems and any external solutions you choose to incorporate.

End-to-end QA engineering and testing

As a company with software modernization expertise, we detect and fix issues, before they have a negative impact on business. Our QA team conducts unit, integration, smoke, usability, stress, and other types of testing to see if the app operates as intended, scales properly under load, and delivers a smooth user experience.

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Reap the benefits of modernizing legacy software

Competitive advantage

If you operate in an industry dominated by apps built on 10-year-old technologies, simply offering a modern and lightweight solution might give you a solid competitive advantage. Legacy application modernization services at Altoros enable companies to do exactly this.

Better customer experience

User experience and design standards have evolved drastically over the last several years. You can greatly improve customer satisfaction by using our application modernization services to deliver a modern, sleek, and intuitive UI.

Future-proof business

Altoros updates the technologies behind your system to improve security, performance, and scalability. We offer development services for legacy applications, helping companies to keep up with the latest tech trends and drive the culture of business agility and innovation.

Unlocking big data opportunities

Outdated storage solutions might make it difficult or impossible to integrate the latest analytics software. Employ our IT modernization services to adopt an up-to-date system and start making use of big data.

Enhanced scalability

Do not let technical issues kill your growth. Migration to the cloud or adoption of the microservices-based architecture will help to enhance the app’s scalability and business agility.

Improved security and compliance

When providing services around legacy application modernization, Altoros implements the latest security measure and uses proven best practices, helping enterprises to protect business-critical data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Legacy software modernization process

Our team has experience across a wide range of technologies and industries. As a company with software modernization expertise, we are ready to become your partner each step of the way.

Support and maintenance

We gather all the required information regarding your legacy system, analyze your needs from the perspective of architecture, functionality, and continuity of operations.


Based on your requirements and goals, we develop a modernization roadmap outlining architecture, design, and rollout improvements.


Development services for legacy applications include the transformation of monolithic architectures into loosely coupled components, promoting ease of maintenance. Migration from outdated frameworks and programming languages to a robust technology stack improves security, reliability, and performance.


We deliver legacy application modernization services without downtime, data loss, or security issues during deployment, whether it’s a flash-cut or staged rollout.

Support and maintenance

In addition to modernization services for legacy software, Altoros assists with maintenance, bug fixing, troubleshooting, etc. Several support plans and flexible payment options are available.

Why choose our application modernization services?

We offer full-cycle legacy software modernization services with a standard-driven approach to software development. Our knowledge of various modernization practices and industry domains allows us to deliver the most effective solutions on time, scope, and budget.

Altoros has 20+ years of experience assisting enterprises across telecommunication, logistics, finance, oil and gas, real estate, and other industries. With a deep understanding of the pitfalls and best practices relevant to your field, we can minimize the onboarding time for dedicated engineers.

We hire developers with 4+ years of experience. 60% of our engineers are senior specialists with degrees in computer science or math.

Our customer satisfaction rate is 95% according to our NPS surveys held on a quarterly basis.

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do businesses need legacy software modernization?

    Legacy software systems can be costly to maintain and may not be compatible with new technologies or security protocols. Modernization can improve system efficiency, security, and scalability, while reducing maintenance costs and technical debt.

  • What are the benefits of legacy software modernization?

    Modernization can improve software performance, enhance user experience, increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • What types of legacy software can be modernized with Altoros?

    Our team has experience modernizing a wide range of legacy software, including mainframe systems, web or mobile applications, and custom-built software.

  • What is the process for modernizing legacy software?

    The modernization process varies depending on the software and business needs. Generally, it involves analyzing the existing system, identifying areas for improvement, developing a modernization strategy, and implementing the changes in a phased approach.

  • How long does it take to modernize legacy software?

    The timeline for modernization depends on the complexity of the software and the scope of the project. Our team works closely with clients to develop a customized modernization plan that meets their specific needs and timelines.

  • How much does legacy software modernization cost?

    The cost of modernization varies depending on the size and complexity of the software, as well as the scope of the project. Our team provides transparent pricing and works with clients to develop a cost-effective modernization strategy.

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