Legacy Software Modernization Services

Modernize your legacy systems to suit the evolving landscape of the digital world. Upgrade your technology stack to optimize maintenance, simplify support, and boost performance.

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Legacy software modernization services

We offer legacy software modernization services designed to address business challenges of enterprises— be it a vendor lock-in, snowballing IT costs, or lack of data-driven insights—to help you reach and sustain a competitive edge.

Legacy software audit

Our IT consultants thoroughly investigate legacy software infrastructure and codebase, analyze your requirements, and provide a detailed roadmap of improvements to derive maximum value from previous investments.

Legacy software reengineering

Our team assists you in reengineering a legacy setup to make the most out of your core business systems, while reducing technical debt and improving efficiency.

Legacy software migration

We deliver legacy system migration services, helping enterprises to adopt widely supported programming languages and frameworks like .NET and Java, as well as migrate existing databases and operating systems without downtime.

Migration to a cloud-native stack

We offer IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions that can bring you such benefits as unlimited scalability, outstanding elasticity, superior computing power, and faster time to market. Our cloud computing technology stack includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

API development

Leverage and extend the current software features by encapsulating its data and functions, making them available as services via an API. Ensure flexible connectivity within, as well as outside your digital system to help data smoothly transfer across your current and future software systems.

End-to-end QA and testing

Our QA engineers team makes sure even the most complex business logic of your modernized solution behaves exactly as intended by testing all legacy transformation aspects (reengineering, data migration, user experience, etc.).

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Reap the benefits of your legacy system modernization

Competitive advantage

Operating in an industry dominated by 10-year-old technology software systems, you have a chance to gain a solid competitive advantage by simply offering a modern and lightweight solution.

Better customer experience

User experience and design standards have evolved drastically over the last several years. By introducing modern, sleek UI, and user-centric intuitive experiences, you can improve your customer satisfaction, thus, increasing your revenue.

Future-ready business

By replacing your legacy system with modern software, you ensure your business is ready to evolve, expand, and keep up with technology advances. Keeping up with the latest tech trends creates an internal culture of business agility and innovation in your company.

Unlocking Big Data opportunities

Outdated storage solutions prevent you from accessing and using your data. Database migration and optimization are needed to successfully leverage the Big Data opportunities.

Enhanced scalability

Do not let flexibility issues kill your growth. Migration of your solution to the cloud or reengineering it into a microservices-based architecture will help to improve its scalability and business agility.

Improved security and compliance

Protect business-critical and customer information by leveraging the latest security practices and keep your system compliant with the current legal standards for your industry.

Legacy software modernization process

Our team of software engineers includes experts in a wide range of technologies and applications. We are ready to become your partner in legacy software modernization each step of the way.

Support and maintenance

We gather all the required information regarding your legacy system, analyze your needs, from the perspective of architecture, functionality, and continuity of operations.


Based on your requirements and goals, we help you develop a comprehensive modernization blueprint that includes architecture, design, and rollout roadmaps.


Our team provides code modernization and seamless transitions from restricted legacy applications to customly developed software according to the chosen strategy, methods, and technology stack.


We can work with your team to ensure a smooth deployment of the modernized solution, whether it’s a flash-cut or staged rollout.

Support and maintenance

Apart from legacy modernization services, we are at your disposal for technical support services, such as further maintenance, bug fixing, troubleshooting, etc. Our experts are available for advisory and help with various schedule options.

Why choose Altoros as a provider of software modernization services?

We offer full-cycle legacy software modernization services with a standard-driven approach to software development. Our knowledge of various modernization practices and industry domains allows us to deliver the most effective solutions on time, scope, and budget.

20 years of experience in working with enterprise-grade custom software makes us deeply understand business needs and learn best practices of building innovative systems.

Deep innovative technologies (IoT, AI, blockchain, cloud-native development) expertise helps you to create additional value for your customers.

Our customer satisfaction rate is 95% according to our NPS surveys held on a quarterly basis.

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies.

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