Healthcare Application Development

We build custom medical applications to improve care quality, increase patient engagement, and empower healthcare professionals to maximize operational efficiency.

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Services we offer

Healthcare mobile apps for patients
Healthcare mobile apps for medical workers
Healthcare mobile apps for medical facilities
We offer custom healthcare app development services to improve patient experience by digitizing processes and enabling innovative features. Healthcare mobile app development brings:
Automated appointment scheduling
Remote health monitoring (video consultations, online chats, diet and nutrition advice, mental health help, etc.)
Reminders (medication intake, upcoming visits, etc.)
Self-assessment based on symptoms
Fitness activity tracking
Improve treatment effectiveness and save doctors’ time by streamlining manual workflows and automating daily tasks. As a company with healthcare mobile app development expertise, we enable:
Automated aggregation of patient data
Unified storage of health records (medical history, lab results, prescription details, etc.)
Telemetry data tracking (blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rates, etc.)
E-prescribing (streamlined and secured generation of medical prescriptions to eliminate paper-based workflows, minimize fraud, etc.)
Clinical decision support (i.e., drug incompatibility alerts, diagnostic suggestions)
As an experienced app development company in the healthcare industry, we help organizations to digitize administrative processes by providing a unified view of hospital operations. Healthcare mobile app development services at Altoros facilitate:
Insurance eligibility verification
Inventory tracking
Schedule management
Customer relations and marketing
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Healthcare mobile applications features

Remote health monitoring
Collect telemetry data (blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate, calorie intake, breathing quality, sleep cycles, etc.) remotely to streamline diagnostics, as well as save time and effort. Healthcare app development experts at Altoros build feature-rich applications with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.
Self-checkup software
Powered by artificial intelligence, self-checkup software helps patients to analyze their symptoms and get recommendations to visit a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.
Automated scheduling and reminders
Set up appointments and send alerts to take medicine, drink water, adhere to a diet, maintain a regular sleep schedule, etc.
Save patients over 100 minutes per visit by sparing the need for commuting and waiting in a queue. Deliver uninterrupted health service, even during the pandemic, which is especially important for the elderly and disabled with no access to public transport, healthcare facilities in the area, etc.
Simplify the prescription process and eliminate paper-based workflows by sending drug orders directly to pharmacies in a secure manner.
Cloud integration
Store arrays of sensitive medical information (health records, images and scans, etc.) in highly available, scalable, and secure storage capable of processing terabytes of data per second. Medical app development experts at Altoros will migrate your data from disparate legacy systems to a centralized cloud-based system without downtime.
Billing and payments
Verify insurance eligibility, send detailed invoices to providers, and keep track of incoming transactions in a single mobile app. In addition, patients can pay medical bills and get updates on rewards, discounts, etc.
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Develop robust applications to deliver unparalleled performance and uninterrupted user experience. As accomplished providers of healthcare mobile app development services, we also ensure security and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Benefits of medical app development at Altoros

Improve doctor–patient communication, provide uninterrupted health service, engage patients in self-care, and streamline administrative operations. Healthcare app developers at Altoros enable the following features:

Digital access to health records


Automated appointment scheduling


Remote patient monitoring


Reminders and alerts


Integrated billing and payments

Technology stack

Why сompanies choose Altoros

We abide by the technical standards and regulations accepted in the healthcare industry, including HIPAA and GDPR.
Proactive security measures (multifactor authentication, role-based access control, frequent backups, etc.) protect sensitive medical and financial data from cyberattacks, unauthorized access, data leaks, and other types of vulnerabilities.
Cloud-native best practices
Develop high quality products with continuous integration/delivery automation, microservices, and containers. Thanks to the Agile methodology, engineers at Altoros deliver in frequent iterations, satisfying changing customer needs.
Digital versions of traditional paper records (medical history, prescription information, lab test results, billing details) are consolidated and shared among doctors, patients, insurance providers, etc., in a secure manner.
Healthcare app developers at Altoros integrate accounting and payment systems, customer relationship management software, electronic medical records (EMR) / electronic health records (EHR), and mHealth applications.
Maintenance and support
In addition to healthcare app development, we provide 24/7 monitoring and effective troubleshooting of your system across all levels (infrastructure, platform, etc.).

Our healthcare software development services

Remote patient monitoring software

Keep track of patients' health status by gathering detailed data from IoT devices, such as smart inhalers, blood glucose monitors, etc. Facilitate diagnostics by automatically updating medical records with relevant information.

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Pharmacy management software

Optimize medication restocking, enable electronic prescriptions, and analyze key metrics (e.g., inventory turnover). Automate daily workflows and streamline customer relations management.

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Veterinary management software

Provide remote consultations, securely store pets’ information, schedule visits, as well as minimize the time spent on manual invoicing, billing, and reporting. Consolidate video calls, online chats, payments, and appointment reminders in a single platform.

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EHR/EMR development

Reduce paperwork, save doctors’ time, and improve patient care. Expand the functionality of EHR/EMR systems by enabling appointment scheduling, remote patient monitoring, video calls, automated reporting, billing, etc.

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Medical practice management software

Streamline administrative processes, such as billing, inventory management, and reporting. Manage claims, verify insurance eligibility, and receive payments in a single system.

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Data analytics and visualization

Efficiently analyze large volumes of semi-/unstructured data (e.g., biometric, demographic) to drive decision-making. Thanks to real-time metrics and timely data updates, you can receive an accurate view of patient condition, increase diagnostic accuracy, optimize daily tasks, etc.

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Healthcare Application Development

Develop custom medical applications to provide personalized services remotely. Build native and cross-platform healthcare apps to improve care quality.

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