Logistics and Transportation Software Development

Custom software solutions to reduce fleet operational and management costs, facilitate route planning, speed up deliveries, improve communication with customers and partners, as well as ensure efficient data reporting.

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Our customers

Our logistics software services

Custom logistics software development

We deliver tailored logistics and transportation software solutions that meet your company's unique needs. As a result, you are able to cut transportation expenditures, automate operations, and improve reporting all the way through your supply chain.

Back-office integration

Leverage our deep expertise in integrating third-party apps into your internal system. At Altoros, we implement the functionality you need into a single software solution to streamline your logistics process. With all the features at hand, you can efficiently communicate with partners, get timely updates and reports, as well as ensure visibility and security across your business flow.

Migration to the cloud

Push your legacy system to the cloud to achieve flexibility, quick data processing, and the ease of access to your internal documentation to create a collaborative environment for remote employees.

Data analytics and reporting

Our expertise in delivering top-notch data analytics solutions can help you get a comprehensive view of your logistics processes. This will allow you to manage inventory, meet your KPIs, and automate day-to-day reporting processes.

GPS tracking software development

Build custom GPS tracking software with Altoros if you have a car rental, vehicle sharing, commercial truck tracking device, or delivery business. Our team has substantial experience in delivering mobile and web GPS tracking apps created with cutting-edge development tools, methodologies, and programming languages.

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Benefits for your business

Our software development team can drive your business globally. We have accumulated an extensive logistics development expertise to optimize your distribution processes.

We develop logistics solutions to improve visibility and increase warehouse capacity by creating supply chain software, mobile, and cloud systems.

What You Gain

Inventory visibility, tracking, and management

Autonomous shipment tracking

Optimized route planning and booking of transportation services

Better customer experience

Driver activity monitoring and management

Supply chain visibility

Improved security through real-time alerts

Fleet safety

Custom logistics management solutions

  • Supply Chain management

    Enhance your supply chain at every stage of its life cycle. We develop logistics and transportation apps that contribute to operational efficiency and productivity of your business.

  • Transportation management

    We develop transportation software to facilitate management of vehicles, cargos, and container ships. As a result, logistics and transportation companies can eliminate operational efforts, while focusing on more business-critical tasks.

  • Warehouse management

    We create warehouse management systems that operate real-time data, allowing the customers to be more flexible and responsive. Automate your warehousing processes and address changing customer needs.

  • Inventory management

    We engineer inventory management software that allows for in-depth stock tracking and monitoring for timely procurements, precise quality control, and streamlined sales cycles.

  • Fleet management

    With vehicle management and tracking software, you can optimise the efficiency of your workforce and fleet, while streamlining your dispatch and carrier management processes.

  • Order management

    Altoros provides fulfillment and order management development services. With our solutions, you can enable efficient processing of recurring orders and goods returns, simplify order packing and delivery, as well as monitor your inventory to make data-driven decisions.

Innovative technologies for
logistics solutions

Cloud-enabled solutions

We built cloud-native and microservices-based applications that help logistics companies access the system outside the office, flexibly use computational resources to achieve business goals non-stop, 24/7.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

We have huge experience in the development and integration of the IoT platforms for fleet logistics, public transportation, location management, and intelligent sensors.

Artificial intelligence

Relying on best practices of implementing artificial intelligence (AI), we can help companies from the logistics industry to develop AI-based applications for data analytics, route optimization, automated warehousing, smart reporting, and more.


Being knowledgeable about decentralized supply chain networks allows us to enhance the existing workflows, achieve transparency, mitigate fraud, and improve customer experience.

Our clients speak

We have had an amazing journey since our inception in 2001 and received lots of customer testimonials, feedback, and suggestions. Here are a few of them.


Application’s overall uptime and performance improvements

“I would definitely recommend Altoros for software development projects. It has been a pleasure working with them. There is a huge commitment from the team. The code quality is top-notch and communication is top-notch. Absolutely would recommend hiring Altoros for software needs.”

Landon Swan, Co-founder of Likefolio


Elimination of service breakdowns

“The remit of the Altoros ops folks is to locate and stabilize a malfunctioning service and report it to the engineering team. If they can't stabilize it they have permission to wake us up, but that's only happened once.”

Laurie Voss, Co-Founder, and COO, npm


Doubled our customer base and rolled out several new product lines

“In collaboration with our in-house team, our Altoros contractors swiftly identified and articulated critical paths against our roadmap. Altoros contractors were able to dive in from day one and meaningfully contribute to our engineering organization.”

Alex Scott, Co-founder at Revere
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