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Build high-quality web, mobile, and desktop apps with a stunning user interface/user experience

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Services we provide

Front-end development
To build solutions that suit your needs, experts at Altoros compare the tooling available on the market and come up with the best fit. We employ such modern technologies as React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, as well as front-end development best practices (e.g., responsive web design).
UI/UX design
Enhance your app with a user-focused interface that works on desktop, mobile, and tablet versions, bringing together design, usability, and functionality.
Dedicated front-end teams
Hire experienced dedicated front-end teams or individual developers to meet your project’s needs. We take responsibility for recruiting, managing, and motivating skilled developers in addition to offering a risk-free trial period and team retention guarantee.
Front-end app migration
Seamlessly migrate your legacy app or its separate components to React, Angular, or Vue.js to improve performance and security, as well as facilitate feature delivery.
Consulting, training, and mentoring
We offer strategic guidance and technical expertise required to assess customer requirements, analyze the existing architecture, identify bottlenecks, provide recommendations, and work out an improvement roadmap.
Get your team of front-end developers with a proven track record

Our front-end competences

We know everything about coding. The front-end services we provide, but not limited to. Contact us to learn more.

Angular Development
Web applications built on Angular allow for superior performance, ease of maintenance, and code reusability.
React Development
React-based development promotes flexibility, scalability, and cross-platform interoperability, while minimizing coding effort.
Progressive web applications
Combining the best of mobile, desktop, and web systems, progressive web apps deliver unparalleled user experience across any browser or platform (iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux).

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Why choose Altoros front-end development services?

Looking to develop reliable and user-friendly web, mobile, or desktop apps? Look no further.

Cross-platform app development

Build solutions that work on both iOS and Android operating systems, ensuring ease of navigation, rich functionality, and design consistency.

A proven track record

Our team comprises middle and senior developers with 5+ years of experience in building front-end systems across 1400+ projects.

Developers as part of your team

Highly proficient specialists at Altoros will seamlessly blend in your core business processes, while also sharing your corporate culture and values to maximize productivity from the outset.

Comprehensive expertise

Want to develop a fully fledged app from scratch? Augment your team with skilled Java, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, and C# engineers at Altoros.

Quick onboarding

Get specialists onboarded in just 72 hours since signing a contract. In addition, you can scale your team on demand with expert-level talent ready to step in immediately.

Learn more about our front-end web development capacities to future-proof your business!
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