Healthcare Data Analytics and Visualization

Enable informed decision-making by aggregating, consolidating, and structuring data from multiple sources in a single healthcare data analytics system

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Services we offer

Data management
Get immediate access to accurate and relevant information, saving time and improving operational efficiency. Collect, store, and analyze massive arrays of data, such as insurance claims, patient documents, medical images, etc.
Data integration and migration
Migrate your data from legacy systems to a secure, fast, highly available NoSQL database. Smoothly integrate your applications with third-party solutions, such as electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR), clinical decision support systems, etc.
Data warehousing
Get a unified view of current and historical data in a single system. We integrate information from sources such as EHRs, EMRs, customer relationship management systems, lab results databases, etc.
Personalized treatment
Determine the most effective treatment based on the patient’s medical history, such as genetics, lifestyle, environment, etc.
Improved disease diagnostics
Ensure better patient care, enhance diagnostics accuracy, facilitate anomaly detection, and avoid human error by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Predictive analytics
Predict the number of missed appointments and manage doctors’ schedules accordingly. Employ predictive analytics to determine patients at risk of developing infections or chronic diseases and project whether an individual would experience severe symptoms.
Business intelligence
Keep track of internal performance metrics, increase transparency into your business processes, recognize key patterns, and support strategic decisions with real-world data.
Custom data visualization tools
Improve care coordination and reduce management overhead, while helping doctors to focus on more important details, by using custom dashboards and interactive charts with real-time and historical data.
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Benefits of healthcare data analytics software

By visualizing real-time data, doctors can instantly see if a person requires immediate attention, accurately estimate treatment duration, and efficiently analyze information collected from multiple sources (e.g., EHR/EMR, laboratories, IoT devices, etc.). Healthcare data management and analytics also promote:

Higher-quality care


Pattern recognition


Time savings


Error prevention


Fraud detection


Real-time access to data

Why сompanies choose Altoros

Altoros ensures complete protection of sensitive medical data.
We offer high standards of data storage and encryption methods.
The 12-factor app approach allows us to build scalable cloud-native software for ever-growing amounts of data and the increasing number of users.
Our solutions enable a seamless flow of information between facility departments, labs, medical insurance companies, and other involved parties.
Integrated healthcare
We are a system integrator of mHealth apps and EMR software with remote patient monitoring solutions that provide better patient engagement experiences and reduce clinical expenses.
Maintenance and support
At Altoros, we provide 24/7 maintenance, support, and effective troubleshooting.

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