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Altoros develops custom healthcare solutions to streamline hospital workflows, increase diagnostics accuracy, and promote preventive medicine.

Build secure and scalable medical mobile applications and software systems

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We offer healthcare software development services for:


Medical software vendors and startups


Pharmaceutical companies


Manufacturers of medical equipment


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Biotech companies

We offer healthcare software development services for:

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Services we provide

EHR / EMR software development
Our healthcare app developers build and integrate electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), and clinical decision support systems to reduce paperwork, save doctors’ time, and improve patient care. As an experienced software development company in the medical sector, we also expand the functionality of EHR/EMR systems by enabling appointment scheduling, remote patient monitoring, video calls, automated reporting, billing, etc.
Healthcare Application Development
Build custom healthcare web and mobile applications to improve patient experience and care quality by digitizing processes for both patients, medical facilities and workers form healthcare organizations. Get you integrated healthcare mobile application.
Remote patient monitoring software
Custom healthcare solutions developed by Altoros help to keep track of patients' health status remotely by gathering detailed data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart inhalers, blood glucose monitors, etc. Facilitate diagnostics, as well as save doctors’ time and effort by automatically updating medical records with relevant information.
Medical practice management software
As a company experienced in custom software development for the healthcare industry, we build mobile, web, and desktop apps that provide seamless patient experience from online registration to appointment scheduling, virtual visits, remote health monitoring, etc. Streamline administrative processes, such as billing, inventory management, and reporting. Manage claims, verify insurance eligibility, and receive payments in a single system.
Pharmacy management software
Optimize medication restocking, enable electronic prescribing, and analyze key metrics (e.g., inventory turnover) in a single secure application. In addition, developers experienced in the healthcare industry help to build data management solutions to view and analyze key metrics, such as drug expiration rates, percentage of sales per a period of time, inventory turnover, etc.
Revenue cycle management software
Revenue cycle management involves multiple parties (a hospital, an insurance provider, and a patient) and is prone to delays in claim processing and payment, billing errors, etc. Streamline routine tasks, such as medical billing monitoring, processing treatment requests, etc. Employ artificial intelligence to analyze data arrays and anticipate insurance claim denials, predict patient payment behavior, etc.
Veterinary management software
Provide remote consultations, securely store pets’ information, schedule visits, as well as minimize the time spent on manual invoicing, billing, and reporting. Deliver an unparalleled customer experience by enabling video calls, online chats, and payments via a single platform. Develop mobile apps to send automatic reminders regarding appointments or medication intake, as well as provide doctors and customers with convenient access to health records and prescriptions.
Data analytics and visualization
Efficiently analyze arrays of semi-/unstructured data (e.g., biometric, demographic) to drive decision-making. As a company developing software for the healthcare industry, we build robust data visualization systems to bring about collection of real-time metrics and timely data updates. Keep track of patient condition, receive alerts in case of emergency, increase diagnostics accuracy, assess treatment effectiveness, etc.

Data engineering

Healthcare app developers at Altoros can help you to process terabytes of data from disparate sources and extract valuable insights.

Data warehousing

Quickly aggregate, process, structure, and store medical data (insurance claims, patient documents, medical images, etc.). Ensure uninterrupted access to business-critical information by building a highly available data storage.

Data warehousing
Data migration

Migrate sensitive information from legacy applications to a modern system and benefit from improved security, ease of maintenance, timely upgrades, etc.

Data migration
Data integration

Integrate data from EHRs/EMRs, the IoTdevices, lab results databases, payment systems, etc. Save time on manual synchronization and eliminate redundancy or inaccuracy by implementing an effective data governance strategy, using data stewards to maintain consistency, etc.

Data integration
Predictive analytics

Predict the number of missed appointments and manage doctors’ schedules accordingly. Determine patients at risk of developing infections/chronic diseases and project the severity of symptoms.

Predictive analytics
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Internet of Things

Altoros is a company providing custom software development services for healthcare organizations looking to provide uninterrupted care through remote patient monitoring, predictive maintenance of medical equipment, etc. Utilizing connected devices coupled with cloud-native technologies, doctors can remotely monitor patient health status and medication intake, control dosage, etc.

Proactive maintenance

Check the condition of medical equipment in real time with the help of sensors, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, etc., and further visualize the data with easy-to-comprehend dashboards to minimize manual supervision and enable predictive maintenance.

Personal health tracking

Monitor patients’ blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate, calorie intake, breathing quality, sleep cycles, etc., streamlining diagnostics and enabling doctors to take immediate action in case of emergency. Promote patients’ self-care with such devices as fitness activity trackers, automatic medication dispensers, etc.

Replenishing drug supplies

Developers experienced in the healthcare industry build inventory management systems coupled with RFID tags and barcodes to automatically track supply levels. Streamline the process by notifying facility staff when a drug needs restocking and automatically placing resupply orders.

Smart medical devices

Smart devices (e.g., connected inhalers) are assigned to patients with asthma/сhronic obstructive pulmonary disease to enable precise control over medication dosage without additional supervision. This practice can help to reduce various side effects by up to 90%, improving treatment effectiveness.

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Why companies choose our services

Proven expertise
With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Altoros has successfully delivered dozens of projects to Global 2000 companies worldwide.
A highly skilled team
Our team comprises middle- and senior-level software developers with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry. On top of that, all our engineers have a B2 level of English or higher.
Cloud-native development
Develop resilient, highly available, and scalable cloud-native applications with the microservices architecture, continuous integration/delivery automation, and containers. Following the Agile methodology principles, engineers at Altoros deliver in frequent iterations, satisfying changing customer needs.
Security and compliance
We utilize encryption, monitoring, logging, multifactor authentication, role-based access control, and continuous vulnerability scanning to securely store sensitive information. As a proficient company developing software for hospitals, Altoros ensures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Data analytics
With vast expertise in data engineering, Altoros enables customers to generate useful insights, evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, and improve health outcomes.
Maintenance and support
We provide 24/7 maintenance and support services for healthcare software, including monitoring and effective troubleshooting of the application across all levels (infrastructure, platform, etc.).

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