Veterinary Management Software

We develop and integrate veterinary practice systems for managing both virtual and in-office consultations.

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Veterinary practice software
development services

Veterinary practice software development
Facilitate business workflows by enabling appointment scheduling, video calls, online chats, and inventory management in a single system. Integrate medical billing and claim management for transparent and burden-free accounting.
Mobile applications
Develop iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile apps that enable pet owners to receive consultations via video calls, get reminders about an upcoming appointment, track medication dosage, etc. With mobile solutions, doctors can also quickly access medical records, prescriptions, etc.
Electronic medical records
Store and update medical records in a digital format, eliminating paper-based workflows. Doctors can view a pet’s check-up history, update health data, receive lab results, and issue prescriptions in a few clicks.
Inventory management systems
We implement inventory management tools to check medicine stock levels, analyze historical data to adjust order quantity, monitor expiry dates, and track shipments in real time.
Integration of third-party tools
Altoros seamlessly integrates accounting and payment systems, enables electronic reporting of laboratory test results, and synchronizes appointments with popular schedule management tools, such as Google Calendar.
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Benefits of veterinary practice management software

Reduce paperwork, increase care quality, and improve customer experience thanks to:

Electronic medical records


Pet profiles with health history


Inventory management


Advanced reporting and analytics


Automated repetitive and tedious tasks

Why сompanies choose Altoros

Altoros ensures complete protection of sensitive medical data.
We offer high standards of data storage and encryption methods.
The 12-factor app approach allows us to build scalable cloud-native software for ever-growing amounts of data and the increasing number of users.
Our solutions enable a seamless flow of information between facility departments, labs, medical insurance companies, and other involved parties.
Integrated healthcare
We are a system integrator of mHealth apps and EMR software with remote patient monitoring solutions that provide better patient engagement experiences and reduce clinical expenses.
Maintenance and support
At Altoros, we provide 24/7 maintenance, support, and effective troubleshooting.

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