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While others promise to provide you with the top 1% of developers, we promise to deliver working code in production on time.

Our partners ranked Altoros as the #1 provider in Clutch's Top IT Staff Augmentation Services and as the Top B2B Services Company

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Our Argentinian development centers

Despite having two development centers in Argentina, most of our engineers work remotely.
Buenos Aires
Lacroze Federico Av. 2827 Piso: 5 Dpto: F Capital Federal, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
+54 (11) 4060 2966
Santa Fe
L25 de Mayo 2025
+54 (911) 6352 7080
share of senior/middle devs
15+ years
of experience as strategic partners of Fortune 500 companies
number of delivered projects in Argentinian delivery center
2.5 years
average customer lifespan
share of engineers hold a bachelors, masters, or doctors degree in CS or Math

Why hire Argentinian developers at Altoros?

We helped 50+ Global 2000 enterprises to design, develop, and release reliable software to the market. With Argentinian developers at Altoros, you get:


english level of all our Argentinian engineers, which enables them to establish and maintain clear communication practices.


no-risk trial period - if you stop working with our engineers within 2 weeks, you pay nothing.


Dedicated Team - a new hiring model giving immediate access to certified talent pools that can quickly adapt to and integrate with existing teams, and scale up as needed.


Great Place to Work for Millennials in 2021 - Altoros has been awarded thanks to the high-performing productivity of developers.

According to TechBehemoths, Altoros has been acknowledged as the leading software development company in Argentina, securing the top position.

Hiring nearshore developers can cost up to 70% less than building an in-house team.

Argentina is in the UTC-3 time zone, ensuring a 4–7 hour overlap with most of the USA and Canada for easier collaboration and communication.

With Altoros, onboarding takes up to 72 hours. We can quickly scale the team up and down according to the project needs.

With an extensive pool of technology and domain experts, Altoros can build complex products from the ground up or empower the existing team through training and knowledge sharing.

On each project, we assign a delivery manager, project manager, project health manager, or customer advocate, whose main aim is to ensure the success and timely delivery of the project.

Partner with us for unparalleled engineering services, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. We have long-term collaborations with top enterprise technology players who help create products enjoyed by millions.

Extend your in-house talent with dedicated developers in Argentina

The competition for technical talent is fierce. We'll help you get ahead by building a software engineering team in Argentina from our pool of top developers.

A zero-risk 2-week trial period

Pay only if you are satisfied with our work

Senior front-end developer
Professional skills

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript

Frameworks: Angular, Redux, React, React Native, Bootstrap

Tools and technologies: AJAX, CSS, HTML, JSON, REST

Databases: MySQL

6+ Years of experience
Senior full-stack developer
Professional skills

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, SQL, PHP, Kotlin

Frameworks: Vue.js, Node.js Handlebars.js, Laravel

Tools and technologies: AWS, Android SDK, JSON, jQuery, HTML5

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase

10+ Years of experience
Team leader
Professional skills

Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, C#, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Liquid

Frameworks: .NET, Ruby On Rails, Bootstrap, React, React-native, ASP.NET

Tools and technologies: AWS, REST, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, XML, MVC

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Redis

Platforms: Docker, Heroku, Shopify

15+ Years of experience
How we assemble a team
Discussing project requirements
Candidate pre-screening
Technical interview
Final interview with a customer
No-risk trial period
Team assessment and approval
Discussing project requirements
We identify the competencies needed and outline the team structure.
Candidate pre-screening
We find relevant talent within our in-house pool or contact external partners.
Technical interview
We focus on project-specific technical interviews, since all of our developers speak fluent English, in addition to being well-versed in mobile technologies and cross-platform frameworks.
Final interview with a customer
We provide a list of approved developers for you to interview and choose from.
No-risk trial period
We offer a 2-week trial period to test out our services.
Team assessment and approval
Assess the team's performance during the first two weeks and decide if you want Altoros to be your software development partner.

Outsourcing software development to Argentina or Brazil: What’s the difference?

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you only have a development center in Argentina?

    No, in addition to the development center in Argentina, we also hire from other countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. However, our operations are managed from our center in Argentina.

  • Does the Argentinian government support the IT industry?

    The government of Argentina has introduced regulations such as the Teleworking Law, the Software Promotion Law, and the Entrepreneur’s Law, offering significant tax benefits and other incentives for the technology industry. The country also implemented programs (i.e., Startup Buenos Aires and Plan 111 Mil) aimed at encouraging talented people to become software engineers.

  • What is the education level of engineers in Argentina?

    Thanks to significant investments in schools and universities, Argentina ranks 34th in education worldwide, surpassing other countries in Latin America. At Altoros, 92% of employees hold a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree in computer science or mathematics.

  • What are the pricing models at Altoros?

    Three major models that we work with are:

    • Fixed price for small or medium projects with an established workflow and methodology, as well as clearly defined requirements that are unlikely to change throughout the development process.
    • Time and materials when project requirements might change at a later stage.
    • Dedicated team for long-term projects that need more flexibility around development goals and resource allocation.
  • What software development methodology does Altoros use for customer projects?

    We use agile and Scrum in software engineering to deliver quality products faster, flexibly, and with high customer satisfaction, setting us apart from competitors.

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