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Stand out on the competitive landscape and scale up quickly with our next-generation, ROI-focused, and customer-centric e-commerce solutions.

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E-commerce services we provide

Full-cycle e-commerce platform development

We offer a service package for a quick launch of your online store from scratch. End-to-end e-commerce development from initial wireframes and the first sale to post-launch maintenance and analytics.

Custom integrations

Our experts create custom e-commerce integrations using REST and SOAP web API frameworks to seamlessly integrate with third-party enterprise software, including customer relationship management and content management systems, accounting, marketing automation, inventory management, and the enterprise resource planning technology.

E-commerce mobile app development

Nearly half of consumers shop more on mobile than in-store. Mobile shopping is extremely popular today. Altoros offers custom e-commerce app development services. Our mobile apps are highly secure and easy to navigate, while boasting rich user experience.

Seamless platform migration

Experienced DevOps engineers will migrate your e-commerce store, including databases, configurations, functionalities, and design, from legacy servers to new platforms with no friction or downtime, keeping your data intact.

Security and compliance

Data security and protection are vital considerations in the early stages of e-commerce software development. Mindful of that, we ensure strict compliance of your store with the PCI DSS requirements and integrate secure third-party gateways to avoid data fraud and theft in transactions.

E-commerce testing and QA

Our ISTQB-certified QA engineers put your e-commerce platform through the cutting edge testing process. We cover all aspects of e-commerce testing, including website pages, checkout and payment systems, performance and load testing, security testing, browser compatibility tests, as well as mobile device compatibility tests.

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Innovative e-commerce solutions

Empower your e-commerce business with technological innovations. Create an enhanced customer experience. Stand out from the competition.

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities
  • Product feed recommender engine
  • An AI-powered chatbot
  • Dynamic price adjustment
  • Supply and demand prediction
  • Visual search
  • Fraud detection and prevention opportunities
  • Personalized experience (customized offers and recommendations)
The Internet of Things (IoT)–enabled solutions
  • IoT sensors and radio-frequency identification tags for accurate and detailed product tracking
  • Enhanced IoT-enabled inventory management
  • The product theft/loss notifications/tracking feature
  • IoT payment gateways
  • Drone delivery
  • Warehouse condition control
Employ an exciting augmented reality (AR)/ virtual reality (VR) experience
  • A virtual showroom
  • An AR catalogue (product visualization)
  • Product extra information in physical stores through AR-powered devices
  • AR routing for better in-store navigation
  • Virtual try-ons and customization
  • Multilanguage support
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Our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with the e-commerce development?

    In the beginning, please, share with us your project description via a contact form or e-mail. Next, we will schedule a call with you and our expert. Through the call we will gain more insights into your project and will be able to guide you on how to execute it.

  • How much does it cost to build an e-commerce store?

    The cost of a new e-commerce platform development will be defined as per your requirements of design and features. Request a consultation with our experts and tell us about your project. After this, we will be able to provide you a reasonable project estimation. Alternatively you can fill out a form and get the project cost estimation even faster.

  • How is it possible to customize my new e-commerce website?

    It is possible to build a fully customized website as per your requirements. All the features, functionalities, and the platform design can be developed based on your suggestions.

  • What is the difference between a template and a fully customized website?

    A website template is a predesigned layout for a website. The template gives designers a relatively simple way to plug content into the website without having to build it from the ground up. Templates are lower in cost than the overall website development. However, you will not have a unique design and there will be limited functionality.

    Custom websites are built from scratch according to your specific business needs without the use of any premade templates. Thus, you get a unique design with more custom features based on your business requirements. Altoros provides tailored e-commerce solution development of any complexity.

  • I already have an e-commerce website but want to empower it with some innovative features and develop a mobile application. Is it possible to do it?

    Yes. Altoros offers custom e-commerce web and mobile development services.

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