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Altoros assembles dedicated development teams of middle- and senior-level engineers to build back-end systems with a focus on high availability, scalability, portability, and security.

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Custom back-end development
Looking for performant and scalable back-end solutions? Rely on Altoros in developing a system that brings all the perks of cloud, containerization, continuous integration/delivery, etc., to the table.
Back-end development for mobile apps
Build secure back-ends for native and cross-platform mobile apps, while enabling seamless integration with any services of choice. Altoros will also assist you in such laborious tasks as developing a business logic synchronizing data across multiple devices.
Cloud-native development
Streamline the roll out of new features or updates by building continuous integration/delivery pipelines. Shift from legacy monoliths to a microservices-based architecture to enjoy ease of maintenance, upgrades, and customization with no downtime.
Back-end development for web apps
Build scalable, fault-tolerant back ends for web applications to store, process, and manage large volumes of data while maintaining stability.
Back-end modernization
Optimize performance and ensure scalability by migrating a legacy system to a modern technology stack. With a thorough analysis of existing architecture and business processes, Altoros will help you to identify bottlenecks, develop a roadmap of prioritized improvements, and implement the latter.
Custom API development and integration
Enforce security, introduce timely updates, ensure uninterrupted communication with external services, etc., with a mature API.
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Back End
Front End
Data Engineering
Cloud Native Development

Our competences in back-end technologies

We know everything about coding. The back-end services we provide, but not limited to. Contact us to learn more.

Ruby on Rails
.NET development
Augment your team with .NET engineers to accelerate time to market and build robust, platform-independent apps with reusable components.
C# development
Our team of C# developers will assist you in implementing high-performance, scalable, and interoperable solutions.
Java development
Use Java to develop high-load, distributed, secure, and fail-safe software.
Node.js development
Hire Node.js experts proficient in 25+ JavaScript frameworks to develop lightweight and robust applications of any scale.
Ruby on Rails development
Take advantage of the experience we gained across 350+ projects in multiple industries to build secure, engaging, and performant Ruby-on-Rails apps.

Dedicated back-end developers


Back-end developers






On average are hired every month

7+ Years
Years of experience for each team member on average
92% Employees
hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctor’s degree in computer science or math




Why choose Altoros back-end development services?

Since 2001, Altoros has been helping companies across the world to digitize revenue streams and improve customer experience.

Our team comprises only middle- and senior-level software engineers with 7+ years of experience in developing back-end systems.

50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies trust Altoros to deliver high quality software.

No matter where your business is located, we ensure a minimum five-hour overlap with your team. Headquartered in Pleasanton, Altoros has 7 offices across the USA, Argentina, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Poland and Moldova.

Compliance. At Altoros, we strictly adhere to the general and industry-specific technical standards and government regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation, the Federal Information Security Management Act, as well as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Flexibility. Quickly scale your development team up or down depending on your project's status, requirements, and budget.

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Damian Castelli
Business Development Manager