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Altoros builds cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), enabling customers to generate recurring revenue by offering a subscription model.

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SaaS product development

When providing SaaS application development services, our experts will suggest the right technology stack to match your business requirements.

SaaS app performance optimization

Hire SaaS developers at Altoros to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce latency, and ensure proper scalability for your app.

SaaS migration

As a development company with SaaS expertise, we can transform your application into a cloud-based product or help with migrating services between different providers.

SaaS security management

In addition to SaaS product development, we audit application codebase and architecture to identify and eliminate security issues. As part of the process, we test for various vulnerabilities, as well as implement end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, multifactor authentication, and other security measures.

Consulting services

Assess your business idea's feasibility by consulting a SaaS development company. Our experts will also share best practices and suggest the right technology stack to match your business requirements.

Multitenant architecture upgrades

Under SaaS product development, upgrading to a multitenant architecture can reduce maintenance costs, simplify infrastructure management, and increase efficiency. This becomes possible via hosting multiple users on a single virtual machine rather than separate ones for each customer.

API development

As a SaaS application development company, we build APIs to enable fast and secure connections between services, as well as improving integrability with third-party software.

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The benefits of software-as-a-service development


Being a development company with SaaS expertise, we build applications that are accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. All that users need is a stable Internet connection.


In addition to SaaS application development services, Altoros assists you in implementing timely updates to the software. Be it a new version of an operating system/underlying frameworks or critical security patches, we prevent the accumulation of technical debt and ensure zero downtime across existing apps.


Usually, SaaS solutions reside in scalable cloud environments that offer easy integration with other software. Unlike on-premises deployment, this approach does not require additional hardware to sustain growing loads. Instead, it is possible to allocate more resources, scaling an application up and down on demand.


Software as a service can help small and medium businesses to save money, as it does not require investing in expensive hardware or licenses upfront. The same is true for vendors themselves, as they can host the SaaS offering on a third-party cloud platform and pay only for the resources they utilize.

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Why choose us as a SaaS app development company?

Proven expertise
With 20+ years of experience, Altoros has successfully delivered dozens of projects to Global 2000 companies worldwide.
A highly skilled team
Our team comprises middle- and senior-level software developers with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry. On top of that, the engineers at our custom app development company have at least a B2 English level.
On-time delivery
We utilize the agile methodology to accelerate development cycles and consistently meet deadlines.
Maintenance and support
We provide 24/7 maintenance and support for your software-as-a-service product, including monitoring and effective troubleshooting of the application across all levels (infrastructure, platform, etc.).
Security and compliance
Altoros is an app development company that helps to build security-first web, mobile, and desktop systems. We utilize encryption, monitoring, logging, multi factor authentication, role-based access control, and continuous vulnerability scanning to protect sensitive information. For highly regulated industries, we enable compliance with existing standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), etc.
Data analytics
A part of custom SaaS application development services at Altoros is data engineering. Generate useful insights, make informed decisions, as well as personalize user experience with intelligent recommendations and predictions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you provide consultancy as part of SaaS development?

    You can rely on our company for any SaaS product development task, including consultancy and audit at all the project stages.

  • How much does it cost to build a SaaS product with a development company?

    The factors that influence costs for outsourcing SaaS app development are a project scope, expertise involved, deadlines, technological challenges, changes in requirements, and a pricing model.

  • How long does it take to build a custom SaaS app?

    Generally, it depends on the scope and scale of the outsourcing project, but we aim to create an MVP within 2 months or even faster.

  • What are the main challenges of SaaS development?

    Some of the difficulties one may encounter when building a SaaS app include:

    • poor planning and inability to adjust to unexpected changes along the way
    • ensuring proper security
    • keeping software up-to-date
    • ensuring that the system can scale and remain stable under peak loads
    • balancing the need for customization with the benefits of standardization and efficiency
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Related cases

As a trusted SaaS development company, Altoros has successfully implemented 1,400+ projects across multiple industries. Feel free to reach out for more case studies or additional details on a particular success story.
Reducing Release Cycles and Infrastructure Costs for a FinTech Vendor
A provider of FinTech services turned to Altoros to achieve faster time-to-market through shortening release cycles from months to weeks. By migrating to a cloud-native platform as a service (PaaS) with an ecosystem of mature services, the company reduced release cycles by 2x–4x, cut down on infrastructure maintenance by 2x, as well as enabled scalability and high availability. Serving 95 corporations, the customer successfully white-labeled its product by easing the adoption curve, delivering high integrability, and minimizing expenses on customization.
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1 week
from idea to production
faster delivery
2x less
infrastructure costs
Enabling Centralized Analysis of Athletic Performance in a Cloud
A provider of sports hardware and software products turned to Altoros to build a cloud platform for monitoring and analyzing physical performance of athletes. The developed system ensures centralized access to historical training data for professional athletes and their coaches. The app gathers and consolidates information from 13 types of smart devices, located in different training camps. Now, it is possible to analyze athlete progress over time and develop data-driven strategies to improve performance results. Thanks to enforced security, the company prevented data tampering and laid the foundation for compliance with such regulations as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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types of smart devices
6 months
on MVP delivery
compliance ensured

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