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We help fintech startups and financial institutions to manage risk and stay ahead of the curve by developing financial software solutions and integrating them with third-party systems while ensuring stable operation of financial systems.


According to Deloitte

"Three billion is the forecasted number of global users that will have access to retail banking services through smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smartwatches by 2021."

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Benefits We Bring

Fintech Integration Process

Whether it’s a payment system, online mortgage platform, or accounting software—we make integrations with third-party services and provide you with secure software.

Protect assets against fraud

We can identify fraudulent activities through monitoring and threats analysis. Use the strengths of data mining and machine learning to detect and prevent deception.

Reinvented consumer banking

Enhance your service with innovative financial software to get a competitive edge and win customers' trust. We offer business and operational support to identify and eliminate bottlenecks at all system levels.

Financial risk management

Our custom fintech solutions help to aggregate and process real-time market data, manage investment portfolios, and calculate operational risks.

Payment processing

We provide unprecedented ease of payments and billing by means of cardless and contactless payments, e-wallets, and QR codes. As an experienced fintech software services provider, we create easy-to-use payment experience as well as speed up the money transfer.

Robust data security and privacy

With extensive expertise in developing fintech solutions, Altoros is are well-versed in protecting compliance with sensitive data security requirements. In addition to the stable operation, we keep data secure and protected.

Take your FinTech startup to the center stage!

Today, many companies aim to make financial services more accessible and customer-friendly. Altoros helps FinTech startups achieve this goal by providing secure and scalable software solutions powered by modern technologies.

Financial software development services and solutions

Digital Banking

Customize digital services with tailored internet banking solutions. Fintech developers at Altoros build user-centric fintech solutions that enable your customers to manage their finances, track expenses, analyze budgets, as well as get real-time reports.

  • Personal financial management
  • Account management and transaction history
  • Customized personal dashboards
  • Banking data aggregation
  • Money management chatbots
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Personal finance management
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Cards & Payments

Leverage our expertise in fintech software development to change traditional banking and improve customer experience.

  • API development
  • International remittance flows
  • Tax calculations
  • Invoice tracking
  • Contactless payments solutions
  • Self-service portals
  • POS systems
  • Fintech mobile apps
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Our fintech development services include the development of insurance rate algorithms, mobile insurance apps for self-service, and personalized insurance products.

  • Claims management systems
  • Policy management systems
  • Peer-to-peer insurance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Mobile microinsurance solutions
  • AI-powered risk assessment
  • Computer vision-driven claims processing
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Lending & Alternative Financing

Add convenience to your lending services to help your customers make well-informed loan decisions. Employ alternative credit scoring solutions and reduce the time and costs of loan delivery, as well as speed up credit approvals.

  • Digital mortgage broker solutions
  • Online lending platforms
  • E-signatures, e-delivery, and e-closing tools
  • A single system of record
  • AI-powered credit underwriting
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Investment Management & Brokerage

Altoros builds financial solutions that aggregate stock and brokerage data and exchanges to find out investment opportunities, manage risks, and drive profits.

  • Alerts and notification
  • The Investment calculator
  • Stock tracking
  • VR, AR, and 360° video
  • NLP-based analysis
  • Micro-investing solutions
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Related Cases

Explore how our banking and financial software solutions win your customers' trust and allow for facilitating revenue streams.

A Blockchain-Based Platform for Automating Bond Issuing Worth $10M

Russia’s national settlement depository turned to Altoros to develop a blockchain network that automates the issuing of bonds worth $10M.

Budgetlinx – The Budget Manager

Budgetlinx is a desktop application that provides full control over income and spending on a single screen.

Building a System for Scoring Creditworthiness

A Belarusian commercial bank asked Altoros to create a software system for scoring creditworthiness of the bank’s potential customers.

Designing an Architecture of a Blockchain Platform for Asset Finance and Leasing

A provider of asset finance solutions turned to Altoros to design an architecture for its new car-sharing platform based on blockchain.

LikeFolio: Invest in What You “Like”

LikeFolio shows users information on the top publicly traded companies most talked about on their networks. It also predicts how a portfolio of their securities worth $10,000 would perform over a period of 12 months.

Migrating Banking Applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

A Canadian bank sought assistance in enabling business-critical applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and accelerating development.

Personal Finance Management System

The Altoros team developed a back-end functionality of the online financial tool that lets users track their credit card and bank account debts.

Using ML, OCR, and RPA to Automate the Processing of Financial Reports

A provider of investment management services turned to Altoros to automate manual aggregation of financial reports.

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