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Failing to effectively use big data may result in wasted opportunities and inability to get returns on resources invested in storage and analysis. Altoros helps you to aggregate massive arrays of data and transform it into valuable insights to address key business needs.

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Our services

Data lake and data warehouse

Altoros assists you in storing structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and binary data aggregated from disparate sources. With current and historical data gathered in a single point, you get a consolidated view of your business processes.

Data migration

Altoros ensures smooth migration of massive data arrays to cloud storages without data loss or downtime. We launch new suitable infrastructures, as well as prepare and optimize data for migration, while taking care of security.

Continuous integration and deployment

Hire a team of certified experts to enable smooth integration of custom apps with third-party systems and aggregate data from multiple sources for further analysis. At Altoros, we integrate disparate data sources by implementing the ETL pipelines. Our engineers and consultants help you to maintain consistency of data landscape, as well as guarantee an error-free data flow.

Data analytics and visualization

Develop data management solutions to visualize and analyze data for informed decision-making. Increase the visibility of business processes, automate reporting, and get valuable data insights in real time.

Data storage and ETL processing

We perform data extraction, cleansing, profiling, normalization, and transformation. Our team also enables data processing, mining, and warehousing. We will help you to design ETL pipelines based on Hadoop HDFS, Amazon S3, GCP Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Sore, and the DSE distributed file system.

Data pipeline development and implementation

Our experienced data engineers build and implement scalable data pipelines for businesses across various industries. We make sure your data flows are designed properly, so that you can stay focused on business-critical tasks.

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What you get

Our team comprises over 10 data engineers and data scientists who have in-depth expertise in aggregating, analyzing, and transforming data for your particular needs.

Pattern definition. Define hidden opportunities by transforming raw unstructured data into meaningful insights.

Predictive modeling. Forecast market trends and predict the outcomes of various scenarios to increase revenue while minimizing risks.

Risk assessment. Early identify and prioritize potential risks to make timely adjust your business strategy.

Fraud detection. Employ a variety of big data processing tools and algorithms to detect fraudulent activities.

Recommendation engines. Develop self-learning engines to increase sales conversion rate by enabling personalized recommendations.

We are contributing

Altoros has extensive experience in employing NoSQL databases:

Data store development, integration with other technologies, and performance fine-tuning.

Our engineers developed the NuoDB Migrator that enables users of traditional SQL databases to easily migrate their data to NuoDB.

Altoros contributed to the development of Couchbase Server and regularly performs independent evaluations of the database as it evolves.

Altoros benchmarked a number of Redis-based products: Redis Enterprise Cloud, ElastiCache, openredis, RedisGreen, and Redis To Go.

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Why is data engineering important for your business?

A data-driven approach allows to proactively address business-critical issues and bring value. Companies implement robust database management systems to speed up and automate data analysis and processing, which enables them to predict short-/long-term customer trends efficiently.

When you turn to such data engineering service providers as Altoros, you may be confident that data engineers will help with the development and implementation of high-load distributed systems tailored to your business needs.

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Damian Castelli
Business Development Manager