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Altoros develops custom software for the following telecom companies


Internet providers


Media and streaming service providers


Mobile carriers


Satellite TV operators


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers


Landline providers


Independent software vendors

Altoros develops custom software for the following telecom companies


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Services we provide

Defining business goals and target audience

Our consultants analyze the telecom market trends and identify a service sector that suits your project idea best.

Choosing the right technology stack

Based on your project type and the existing infrastructure, experts at Altoros assemble the right set of technologies to reduce development expenses, optimize performance, simplify maintenance, and automate business processes.

Telecom app development

Our experienced software engineers build robust applications to ensure that your network remains reliable, secure, and scalable.

Creating a user experience

Design an unparalleled user interface featuring usability, ease of navigation, etc., to increase customer satisfaction.

Integration services

Integrate third-party solutions, such as customer relations management software, payment systems, and VoIP services.

Infrastructure modernization

Bring in improved performance, automation, scalability, agility, and deployment velocity by upgrading to a modern cloud-based infrastructure.

Performance monitoring

Ensure uninterrupted network performance by automating report generation, enabling availability monitoring, triggering traffic analysis, tracking historical logs, conducting regular memory utilization checks, etc.

Ensuring security compliance

Managing multifaceted network infrastructures with vast amounts of sensitive data, telecom providers are top targets for a variety of cyberattacks (DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats, network device vulnerabilities, etc.). To enforce security, Altoros ensures compliance with standards set out by the Internet Engineering Task Force, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, etc.

Software testing

QA engineers at Altoros perform testing (unit, integration, etc.) to ensure that the system meets functional standards, while the network scales under high loads.

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Make your telecom software more innovative

Altoros utilizes the latest technologies to develop outstanding telecom software.


With a surge in network traffic volume, an array of connected devices, and widespread automation in the future, telco companies can now unlock the opportunities of 5G capabilities. Benefit from lower latency, increased capacity, and 10x faster bandwidth (if compared to 4G), enable greater network flexibility, and reduce costs, while also mitigating vulnerabilities and risks.


Improve infrastructure scalability, simplify maintenance, and expand the range of service offerings.


Integrate artificial intelligence into your network to enable preventive maintenance, predictive data analytics, and customer service automation.


Thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain, telecom companies can easily address industry-specific challenges: streamline identity management, enable data privacy and compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, resolve disputes without delays, manage roaming fraud, etc.

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Why companies choose Altoros

A team of experts
Altoros employs only middle- and senior-level software engineers with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry.
We utilize encryption, query monitoring and logging, as well as continuous vulnerability scanning to secure your telecom system.
Cloud-native development
Using the microservices architecture allows us to build scalable cloud-native software to reliably handle growing volumes of data and the increasing number of users.
Proven expertise
With 10+ years of experience in the industry, Altoros has successfully delivered dozens of telecom projects to Global 2000 companies worldwide.
Data analytics
Vast expertise in data mining, behavioral analysis, and predictive analytics enable our customers to generate useful insights and enhance their decision-making process.
Maintenance and support
We provide 24/7 continuous maintenance, support, and effective troubleshooting across all layers (infrastructure, platform, etc.).

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