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Use full-cycle web development services at our company to build performant, secure, and scalable products to grow your business.

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Web development services we offer

Web application development

Altoros delivers fully customized web apps that meet your specific needs. As an experienced provider of web application development services, we can ensure excellent performance and reliability for any type of solution.

Web design services

With the web design and development services at Altoros, you can make your app intuitive and easy to use, significantly improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Web portals development

Web portals make it easy for customers to learn about your services, book appointments, manage personal information, etc. As part of our website development services, Altoros will help you to create an engaging design, build the portal, as well as integrate it with existing systems and business processes.

Web modernization

You can rely on our professional web development company to help you modernize legacy apps and websites, addressing technical issues that may affect scalability, performance, security, reliability, and user experience.

Content management systems development

We build custom content management systems (CMS) with modules to create and publish articles, analyze user behavior, etc. Based on your requests, our engineers can also automate workflows, integrate third-party solutions and tools, etc.

Consulting services

In addition to outsourcing web development services, we provide consulting to assist you in choosing an appropriate technology stack for your app, as well as refining its architecture and design.

Use our outsourcing services for web development and get a custom app build from the ground up to match your business goals.
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Stages of our custom web development process
Step 1: Discovery
Step 2: Product workshop
Step 3: Design
Step 4: Development
Step 5: Testing
Step 6: Support and maintenance
Step 1: Discovery
Whatever your idea and goal, our team is here to help you to define the scope and specifications of your product. To maximize the positive impact of outsourcing web development services, it is important to ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of the desired outcome.
Step 2: Product workshop
At this stage of the web development services at our company, we build a roadmap for the product, as well as create wireframes and a canvas for the development team to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
Step 3: Design
After approving the product roadmap with the customer, our design team begins working on the general layout and visual aspects of the solution. At this stage of web development services, we can test out various ideas to see what works best and avoid the need for costly changes later on.
Step 4: Development
When outsourcing professional web development services, we tend to start with a prototype or minimal viable products to validate the chosen functionality or assess market demand. Afterwards, we move on to build a fully fledged version of the app.
Step 5: Testing
To ensure that you get the highest quality product at the end of our web application development services, Altoros allots time to manual and automated testing of the app.
Step 6: Support and maintenance
Following the release of the product, we continue to provide support and maintenance. Our engineers can even add new features or provide further customizations on demand.

Web development frameworks we use

In accordance with customers' needs, we can set up a dedicated team of professionals with solid expertise in the following web development frameworks.

For projects needing a lightning-fast page load without refreshing, this JavaScript framework is what you need.
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With a two-way data binding system and interactive web elements, Angular is best for large, complex projects that require a high level of flexibility and scalability.
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As a company offering web development services, we recommend using Node.js for projects that require real-time data processing and scalability, (e.g., chat applications and analytics platforms).
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Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is best for building web applications with complex back-end functionality (e.g., content management systems), as it provides in-built tooling for the purpose.
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Django is one of the best web frameworks that can be utilized for both front- and back-end development. The framework is suitable for designing complex and large enterprise projects that require advanced data management and security features, as it offers built-in tools for databases, user authentication, etc.
Have a project in mind? The professionals at Altoros are ready to take on tasks of any complexity.

The benefits of web development for businesses


When users open your web app, they will immediately have the latest version without having to spend time downloading and installing updates.


Being an expert provider of custom web design and development services, we understand the importance of scalability. To ensure that your app can handle increased traffic without issues, our team utilizes modern technologies and takes future growth into account when creating the architecture.


Web development allows companies to collect and analyze massive amounts of user data and turn it into valuable insights. This can help to improve the product or create tailored marketing strategies.


In addition to using secure coding practices, the engineers at Altoros implement such measures as encryption, multifactor authentication, and role based access control to protect sensitive data from attacks. We can also audit your existing systems, identify potential vulnerabilities and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.


When building web apps, companies can reduce costs by leveraging a vast range of available libraries and frameworks to drastically reduce the amount of work required for common tasks. Additionally, we utilize the Agile methodology, working in frequent iterations to save time and maximize the quality of our web design and development services.

Why choose us as a Web development company?

Proven expertise
With 20+ years of experience as a trusted provider of web design and development services, Altoros has successfully delivered dozens of projects to Global 2000 companies worldwide.
A highly skilled team
Our team comprises middle- and senior-level software developers with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry. On top of that, engineers at our custom web development company have at least a B2 English level.
Security and compliance
We utilize encryption, monitoring, logging, multifactor authentication, role-based access control, and continuous vulnerability scanning to securely store sensitive information. As a web app development company with mobile, desktop, and web expertise, Altoros ensures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other legislation.
Data analytics
When delivering web development services, our company can help you to build or integrate advanced data analytics tools into the product. By tracking key metrics in user activity and recognizing behavioral patterns, you can get valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and personalize user experience.
Maintenance and support
We provide 24/7 maintenance and support, including monitoring and effective troubleshooting of the application across all levels (infrastructure, platform, etc.).

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I choose the right technology for my web application?

    There are numerous frameworks and programming languages for web application development, so it’s important to consider the factors relevant for your company. The technology you choose needs to offer sufficient functionality without excessive complexity that would ultimately make the app less reliable and harder to maintain. With Altoros, you can pick the right stack for your specific project.

  • How long does it take to set up a dedicated web development team at your company?

    When outsourcing web development, we use a unique onboarding process, which is called the 4-week-result team. We provide 8 engineers with proven experience, ready to deliver the first code in production within 4 weeks. Partner with Altoros to reduce recruitment costs, accelerate hiring, and facilitate on-demand scaling.

  • What factors affect the cost of outsourcing web application development?

    The price of our services usually depends on the following factors:

    • the project's scope and complexity
    • the chosen technology stack
    • an engagement model (hourly billing, fixed price, or a dedicated team)
    • the seniority level of our software engineers
  • Is it better to build web products in-house or outsource them to a service provider?

    There are many factors in favor of outsourcing your development projects, like cost-effectiveness, higher expertise, the ease of scaling the team up or down, and knowledge of the latest trends and modern web development frameworks. Considering all of these advantages, you can rest assured that Altoros is a great choice for your company.

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