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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for over 20 years, but today it is revolutionizing many industries and turning analog products into digital ones. Whether you are building next-generation health or fitness applications or a home automation solution, our IoT development company will reduce time-to-market.

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  • Industrial IoT

    IoT transforms factories into proactive organizations, enables them to connect formerly distinct production units, predict and fix potentially dangerous issues, as well as move to a product-as-a-service model. The maturity of IoT platforms, smart sensors, cheaper circuit boards, solutions for storing/processing big data, and high-speed networks bring bigger, yet cost-effective, opportunities to manufacturing than 20 years ago.

  • Automotive IoT

    From smart device integration and data processing to client application development, we build IoT ecosystems featuring car diagnostics and predictive maintenance, location-based information support, and in-car infotainment.

  • Smart Home

    The team at Altoros has hands-on experience in driving your home automation development projects. Our IoT engineers build smart applications that underlie your connected home solutions from smart locks to thermostats, temperature, humidity, and air conditioning control devices, as well as smart lighting systems. With our knowledge of face recognition technologies, connectivity protocols, machine learning algorithms, and voice control interfaces, you can entrust your smart home projects to us.

Healthcare IoT

We develop software for both personal and in-hospital use to collect and analyze data. Enhance user experience and optimize the workflow of healthcare facilities with the use of our IoT solutions.

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Services we provide

IoT hardware prototyping

Hardware modeling of IoT-based solutions with a robust tech stack architecture that is optimized for your business.

Cloud computing and IoT platform integration

A cloud-based system coupled with IoT sensor nodes allows for optimizing large data storages with minimum latency, while preventing data tampering at the network level.

Application development

The IoT technology is able to connect a considerable amount of devices, which leads to collective intelligence and the creation of smart environments.

IoT dashboards and analytics

With the help of IoT, users can remotely monitor assets and operational processes via a well-structured analytics system.

Edge computing

Storing valuable data in IoT-based edge devices can minimize data loss, making it resilient to distributed denial of services attacks and power outages.

Support and maintenance

Our support team evaluates your pain areas and their impact from technical, business, and customer perspectives, as well as ensures professional-grade consultancy services around IoT development.

Our development and integration processes look like a perfectly architected IoT ecosystem

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Benefits we bring

Reduced operational costs

IoT is an amazing technology used worldwide, helping organizations in carrying out core functions, as well as improve their efficiency and optimize costs.

Increased sales

Sales play a key role in the profitability of any business. IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies to increase their sales operations supported by advanced models and services.

Efficient productivity

With the help of IoT-based applications, companies can easily boost productivity by calculating the most productive hours of their employees, so that important meetings and tasks can be scheduled during those hours.


The IoT technology provides a high-end information security thanks to end-to-end security mechanisms: all connections are protected by Transport Layer Security, users are authenticated, all data is filtered using access-control lists, MQTT message authorization is applied based on topics, security audit logs are stored in a database management system with time stamps.

Optimized use of resources

IoT can help you to streamline the use of resources in your organization. This will help you to easily allocate assets and improve maintenance.

Real-time decision making

The biggest advantage of opting for IoT-based solutions is that it helps the organization and its employees to make faster and smarter business decisions, while reducing operational costs.

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Our technology stack

Connectivity and messaging


Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE)














IoT platforms

Google Cloud


Azure IoT Hub

Programming languages



Third-party APIs

Google Vision

MI Light


Alexa Voice Service

Philips Hue


Apple HomeKit

Android Things

Sensor technology








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