Custom Healthcare Solutions

Altoros develops custom medical solutions to improve every aspect of patient care, increase the accuracy of diagnoses, and improve preventive medicine.

Build GDPR and HIPAA compliant applications and medical software solutions with us.

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Altoros provides medical software development for healthcare organizations:


Medical software vendors and startups


Pharmaceutical companies


Manufacturers of medical equipment


Research institutes




Biotech companies

Altoros provides medical software development for healthcare organizations:


Why сompanies choose Altoros

PCI DSS, PCI PA-DSS compliance
We develop financial software in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
We offer high standards of data storage and encryption methods.
The 12-factor app approach allows us to build scalable cloud-native software for ever-growing amounts of data and the increasing number of users.
Expert knowledge
10+ years of experience in the finance industry.
Third-party API development and integration
Utilizing ready-made APIs and custom connectors, we integrate financial software with third-party payment gateways, allowing end users to experience easy and secure payment channels.
Maintenance and support
At Altoros, we provide continuous maintenance and support and effective troubleshooting 24/7.

Web and mobile applications for healthcare

Custom EMR and EHR Solutions

Our team prototypes and develops сustom hospital information systems: electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), clinical decision support systems (CDSS) as well as integrates electronic health records solutions with any third-party system. Get an easy-to-use, customizable, and interoperable solution for managing patient records, facility operations, and running analytics.

Web and mobile applications for healthcare
Сustom Healthcare Apps

Empower home care with field service management. Mobile apps for healthcare provide doctors and patients with a single source of information at their fingertips. Enable effective communication between the staff and the patients.

Web applications for healthcare professionals and patients

Bring care providers and patients together, increase patient satisfaction, and improve healthcare facility processes.

Hire EHR Developers

Partner with our top-notch experts in EHR/ EMR software development to boost your practice growth and comply with HIPAA/GDPR requirements.

Data analytics and visualization

We help healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies to:

Increase the accuracy of diagnoses

Improve preventive medicine

Optimize insurance claims management

Control stock of medical supplies, equipment, etc.

Cut costs on healthcare facility management

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

We possess strong expertise in data analytics and visualization.

Personalized medicine

With the tailored medicine model, we design solutions that help to determine the best treatment based on the patient’s information, such as genetic blueprint, lifestyle, and environment.

Personalized medicine
Predictive analytics

Our solutions help to control patients’ flow by predicting appointments and hospital readmission rates. By employing predictive analytics, medical officers will also be able to anticipate disease progression, as well as diagnose even the most complex medical cases based on historical data.

Predictive analytics
Business intelligence

With Altoros, you can get insights into how effective processes are at your healthcare facility, increase visibility of your business processes, and make smarter decisions based on real data.

Business intelligence
Enhancing disease diagnostics

At Atoros, we develop healthcare solutions on top of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, that help to facilitate anomaly detection, improve disease diagnostics, ensure better patient care, and avoid human error.

Enhancing disease diagnostics

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Data engineering

Data warehousing

Altoros helps you to drive business intelligence by quickly aggregating, integrating, structuring, and storing data from disparate sources. With current and historical data gathered in a single point, you get a consolidated view of your business processes.

Data warehousing
Data integration

We provide a smooth integration of custom applications with third-party systems, such as EHRs, EMRs, CDSS, etc.

Data integration
Data migration

With NoSQL, we migrate and store your large data volumes to help you achieve high availability and scalability of your system.

Data migration

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Internet of Things

Altoros is a one-stop development company for your IoT project. We develop healthcare software to digitize your revenue streams by prototyping, developing, and shipping cloud-native IoT apps.

Software-defined drug delivery

Manual programming of medical devices is a disintegrated, complex process, which is subject to human errors. After the implementation of a software-defined drug delivery system, clinical tests report a reduction in reported administration errors.

Drug supplies replenishment

IoT-connected storage can help to cut costs on managing drug supplies by reducing the number of people involved in the process, as well as by notifying a supplier directly about stock depletion.

Personal health tracking with wearables

Wearable devices can be used at hospitals, as well as during the post-discharge period for recording multiple physical parameters of a patient.

Hospital asset management

Interconnected machines within your facility can improve quality of care, cut costs, enable predictive maintenance, and provide valuable business insights.

Telemedicine / virtual care centers

Backed up by data gathered from wearables, audio, and video communication, the modern approach enables doctors to remotely deliver planned or around-the-clock care. Get your Telemedicine application to take your Healthcare business online and connect with your patients remotely.

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