Multitenant SaaS Application for Printing Companies

Altoros helped a customer to achieve durability for its data analytics system, improve maintenance, and cut time on support.

Ruby on Rails


The cloud service that enables printing companies to create and manage online stores. The solution provides printing companies with CMS-driven websites and fully featured online catalogs. The system allows for complete order management: scheduling, automated pricing, shipping integration, job status, marketing dashboard, and communication with customers.

The end-users of the solution are assigned different administration rights. Consumers can order print products in the online stores from custom or premade templates, choose the type of print, the kind of paper, the number of copies, the date for the order to be fulfilled, etc. Vendors can view and approve orders, accept payments, ship orders to customers, and much more.

The customer

The customer is a startup based in San Francisco. Its goal is to provide a solution to help printing companies thrive in the digital age.

The need

The company already had a web platform for creating and managing online stores, but the design was outdated and the performance was poor. There were too many bugs, and the back-end interface of the solution was not user-friendly. The company also wanted to add new functionality to allow for more convenient order management.

The customer turned to Altoros to redesign the front end and the back end of the SaaS application, fix bugs, add new functionality, and to make the solution more user-friendly.

The challenges

The existing solution had a complex architecture, which was the result of false decisions taken by the former development team. There were many code duplications. Thus it was hard to improve the existing solution.

The customer did not analyze technical requirements and did not draw the specification. The absence of relevant documentation was another challenge that our team had to solve.

The project had tons of bugs and defects. The business logic was hard to comprehend, which slowed down the development process—the team had to concentrate not only on the View layer, but on the Model and Controller layers as well.

The solution

When redesigning the solution, we kept the existing architecture. It was hard and time-consuming to add new functionality and fix bugs, but this strategy proved to be successful and provided great cost-savings to the customer.

We deleted code duplications where it was possible. This helped us to fix bugs with greater efficiency. The team redesigned the solution to improve its usability and appearance.

The outcome

New robust features of the solution help the customer to remove complexity in print ordering and production processes. This user-friendly e-commerce and print shop management tool provides great business opportunities to the organization. It can now attract more printing companies and promote the solution with greater impact.

The redesigned solution is much easier to support and maintain. If further development of this SaaS application is ever needed, it will be effortless and straightforward, which is going to provide great cost-savings to the customer.

Technology stack

Server platfrom

Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5

Client platform

WebRick, Thin/nginx, phusion passenger

Programming language


Frameworks and tools

Ruby On Rails 2.3.8, bundler, RackSpace API, FedEx API, UPS API



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