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A provider of online payment systems delivered restaurant- and bank-branded apps with maximum security and performance. The customer turned to Altoros for advanced customization of its mobile payment solution to the needs of different industries. Brief results:

  • The success of a restaurant-branded prototype has helped the vendor to sign a large client (a global fast food chain).
  • Faster QR code processing has improved performance of a bank-branded app and increased overall user satisfaction.
  • The apps have been installed by thousands of users across the U.S.—in dozens of restaurants and banks—with plans for further expansion worldwide.

The customer

A provider of e-commerce and payment products for both U.S. and world markets. Its expertise in electronic billing and mobile marketing attracts customers from technology, finance, retail, and other industries. The company delivers online and mobile wallet functionality for a number of the most globally recognized brands, ensuring the use of their apps by millions of people around the globe.

The need

The company faced the lack of flexible resources for development of a prototype for one of the largest clients within a limited time frames and product release schedules. The app should give users quick access to the closest stores, allowing for making an order and paying ahead right from their mobile phones. The idea was to have the dishes cooked in advance—within 15 minutes after the transaction.

The customer also wanted to extend functionality of its mobile solution for several US banks. They expected to enable cardless cash access from ATMs and to speed up the QR code reader. (Mobile banking application users complained that the QR code reading process was slow and inaccurate.)

The challenges

The following main challenges were faced during the project implementation:

  • Since the customer’s mobile payment system and the purchasing services of its clients (restaurants/banks) operate independently, this required proper integration of user accounts on both sides and real-time synchronization of payment data (orders, history, etc.).
  • All the transactions and account details should be secured to prevent any unauthorized access and leakage.

The solution

Altoros has addressed the main challenges with the following solutions:

  • Our team implemented necessary logic for integration of payment system accounts with the purchasing services. It included automatic creation of user accounts for single sign-on, filling in missed data/fields on both sides, and synchronisation of data transfer via REST API and Paydiant SDK.
  • Multi-factor authentication was added for safe and secure mobile transactions. In addition to a standard registration procedure and entering a password to log in the system, a security code is required for every payment transaction.
  • To ensure maximum protection of sensitive data, the app also resets corresponding memory cells right after the payments are made. It also automatically clears all the fields before minimising the application to tray—for preventing data leakage via screenshots.
  • Finally, Altoros’s engineers replaced the app’s QR code libraries with ZBar and ZXing—for better performance of the bank-branded apps. It significantly increased the speed of cardless cash access to ATMs.

The outcome

Cooperation with Altoros provided the customer with a new large client—a global fast food chain. After approving the prototype, they proceeded to development of a full version of the application with the following features:

  • In addition to the standard menu, user profile, and ordering functionality, its rich UI featured a customized map with multifunctional data displaying, extended options for navigation within the app, multi-optional orders, possibility save order details for further timesaving re-ordering, etc.
  • Advanced customization of an order was also delivered. Users were enabled with a multiple choice of different options for their sandwiches. They can select a type of bread, flavor, cheese, meat, and sauce, as well as add extra components or put more veggies.

The application is now used by thousands of people across the U.S. in dozens of restaurants; the customer is also planning for further expansion to other countries. Finally, our engineers significantly boosted QR code handling for bank-branded apps, which improved app performance and customer satisfaction.

Technology stack

Client Platform/Application Server


Programming languages

Objective-C, JavaScript


Core Location, Core Animation, UIKit, Core Foundation, RestKit, AFNetworking, Grand Central Dispatch, Playgrounds, REST API, MapKit, Autolayout, CocoaPods


SQLite, Core Data

Development Environment


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