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FinTech and Banking


Budgetlinx is a desktop application that provides full control over income and spending on a single screen.

Users can track transactions and cash flow on their bank and checking accounts, as well as pension plans, insurance policies, real estate investments, social security programs, frequent-flyer points, etc.

Unlike other similar apps, Budgetlinx does not store sensitive information in the public cloud. To ensure a higher level of security, all sensitive data is kept on local machines.

The software also tracks payment deadlines and alerts users when they are due. It is possible to browse through information on completed and pending transactions. The system supports all world currencies.

The need

The project was initially developed by a dedicated software engineer based in Atlanta, USA. However, the architecture of the solution had some serious flaws and soon it became difficult to add new features and maintain the system.

Altoros’s team had to refactor the code to make it more readable and provide a possibility to further improve the product. The new architecture is more scalable and allows for easy upgrading in the future. In addition, we improved user experience and helped the customer to work out a licensing strategy.

The challenge

The application can present reports in the form of charts and diagrams. One of the main challenges was to find a way to combine multiple small items, such as payments, dates, income sources, etc. in one clear and simple chart.

The solution

Apart from code refactoring, the team made a number of improvements to the software. One of the main goals was to enhance security. To achieve better protection of sensitive data, access to the application was limited by credentials. The encryption algorithm was used to provide a secure data storage. The application was delivered as a single executable package to simplify distribution and installation. Finally, three license types that include different functionality were offered.

The outcome

Currently, the customer provides a financial service that helps users to take control over their cash flow and enhance budget planning.

Technology stack

Server platform

Umbraco CMS

Client Platform

Apache Tomcat

Programming languages



MS.NET 4.0, WPF, XML, Microsoft Charts Controls

“We have been using Altoros exclusively for our programming for about one year. From the beginning, they have proven to be very professional, competent, and quite resourceful. In most cases, we were able to get responses from Altoros either the next business day and, in many cases, the same day. As a bonus, we received quite a few valuable recommendations to improve our application from Altoros – most of which we would have not otherwise considered. All in all, they have a great team!”

James L. White

CEO LDC Direct, Ltd. Co. d/b/a Budgetlinx

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