Call Recording, Analytics, and Workforce Optimization Solution



To provide an efficient call center optimization solution, Altoros developed Reporting, Analytics, Education and other components for Voice Print International. The system is aimed at improving the work of call centers, enterprises, trading floors, government agencies, and first responders.

The solution tracks and monitors all interactions of call center operators, time and duration of calls, their statuses, etc. The system then analyzes the statistics and displays real-time dashboards, charts, and reports based on that information. System supervisors use dashboards, charts, and reports to monitor operators’ activities and improve their interactions with customers.

As all calls are recorded, supervisors can listen to any call any time. The system allows sending comments to a certain operator. If the operator has any issues with handling calls, the supervisor can send the corresponding educational material via the system. The operator is supposed to study the material, take the test, and have the result recorded in the system. This helps not only monitor the work of the entire call center, but also educate specialists and improve their work

The need

VPI (Voice Print International) is the provider of integrated call recording and workforce optimization solutions. The company turned to Altoros to develop and implement analytics, reporting, and educational capabilities for the suite of their solutions to improve the customer experience and increase workforce performance.

The challenges

To create dynamic analytical reports, the system has to process the great amount of data received during the long-term time frame from a great amount of operators. This data can include hundreds of thousands of interactions. The team had to optimize the performance of the solution to enable it to deliver reports and display dashboards faster.

The customer required the solution to have rich client capabilities in IE7 and higher. This was another challenge the team faced during the development process, as IE7 has limited capabilities for JavaScript engine support. Therefore there was a significant difference in Web solution performance in JavaScript-friendly browsers (e.g., Firefox) and Internet Explorer.

The solution

To create real-time reports and dashboards faster, the team decided to develop a separate database for reporting that is synchronized with the primary transactional database. The reporting database has the optimal structure for data analysis. This enables to quickly extract data from the reporting database without affecting the performance of the primary database, which improves the overall performance greatly.

Altoros implemented MS Ajax and jQuery technologies to enable the solution to support rich application features in IE7. The team also reduced the number of references to the database and leveraged the data caching capabilities up to their fullest. The solution now shows the ideal performance in IE7.

The outcome

By leveraging the solution, VPI is now able to offer a full suite of call recording, analytics, and workforce optimization software that enables companies to get an accurate picture of customer interactions. The company delivers the most progressive solution available today to more than 1,200 customers in 50 countries around the world.

Technology stack

Server platform

Windows Server 2003/2008

Programming languages

C#, JavaScript, C++


ASP.NET, Silverlight, WCF, AJAX, jQuery, LogiXML


MS SQL Server 2005/2008

Client Platform/Application Server

IIS 6.0/7.0

Database Design Tool

SQL Server Management Studio/VS 2010

Development Environment

VS 2008/2010

Modeling Tool

VS 2008/2010

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