Enabling Traceability Across a Supply Chain Process

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A global provider of logistics services turned to Altoros to achieve cargo traceability at each step of the supply chain process.

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • With enabled supply chain traceability, the company helped its customers to save millions of dollars on transportation delays.
  • By developing a solution to streamline supply chain operations end-to-end, the customer got an additional revenue channel.
  • As a white label solution, the delivered system can be customized to the needs of supply chain processes across any industry.

The customer

The company is a global provider of logistics services to energy industry. Founded in 1965, the customer operates supply bases in Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The need

When the customer turned to Altoros, the established supply chain process was bogged down by mostly paper-based workflows. With multiple parties involved in each step, there was also almost impossible to track a cargo status. As a result, companies served by the customer lost millions of dollars in case of even a single-day delay in shipment.

Collaborating with Altoros, the customer wanted to enable cargo traceability and digitize the existing process.

The challenges

Under the project, the team at Altoros had to address the following issues: Since the company worked with highly sensitive data, information security had to be provided. As the cargo containers had dynamic sets of characteristics managed by multiple parties, it was important to track the changes introduced and prevent users from altering the information outside their scope of authority. Despite unreliable Internet in the field, the worker still had to be able to update the cargo status and all the related information.

The solution

As the company was already using Azure Active Directory to manage its customer base, our developers built the supply chain solution based on Microsoft Azure. By enabling role-based permissions, engineers at Altoros enforced security. By restricting access to particular workflows to authorized parties only, our team made it possible to track which changes were introduced by whom. Experts at Altoros ensured that users were able to report a status at each step of the process in real time. To prevent data loss due to unreliable Internet, our developers enabled smooth data synchronization once a stable Internet connection is available.




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The outcome

Partnering with Altoros, the company managed to minimize transportation delays and save millions of dollars for its customers by digitizing supply chain workflows and enabling traceability. With the solution that can be customized to the needs of supply chain processes for any industry, the organization got an additional revenue channel.

Technology stack


Microsoft Azure

Programming languages

Java 8

Frameworks and tools

Node.js, Angular, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Maven, Azure DevOps Services, JUnit, Mockito, MockMVC


Azure SQL, MS SQL Server, Liquibase

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