Sports Training Diary

Microsoft Azure
Garmin API

The customer

A web application that allows users to plan their training strategies and store information on workouts. Each workout consists of a number of activities performed by an athlete. Training Diary provides statistics, a training planner, easy-to-use user interface, synchronization with sports computers, and other features.

The need

The customer needed a flexible and configurable Web application that could be customized for different companies. The application had to be integrated with Web services, such as Twitter.com, and synchronized with sports devices, e.g. Garmin products.

The challenges

The team had to build a highly functional and flexible application from scratch. The application had to be easily customized so that the company could sell it to different customers. It had to be able to handle maximum traffic loads and a great amount of users.

The solution

The team developed the system core and a number of configurable modules that can be customized to fit the requirements of different customers. The application lets the users plan their training strategies and store the data on the workouts. Each workout consists of separate activities performed by the athlete. The user can synchronize the data on blood pressure, heartbeat, burnt calories, the route passed, etc. measured and recorded by sports computers. The Training Dairy will then combine schemes for optimal workouts, suggest routes, show statistics, and even send daily e-mail reports on workouts.

The outcome

The application has been customized for many companies: Statoil, Gjensidige, and others. Multiple companies can have their areas in the Diary, each one with its own range of users. With the launch of this application, Jarle Holt/Segmentor received a new revenue channel. The application was released in English and Norwegian; the languages can be changed or added.

Technology stack

Server Platform

Microsoft Windows Azure

Client Platform/Application Server

Multiplatform clients/IIS 7.0


Microsoft .Net 2.0 - 3.5, LINQ, MS Entity Framework, Silverlight, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WCF, MS Reporting Services, SMS, Garmin API, Google Map API

Programming languages

C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, XML


MS SQL Server 2008 R2

Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Sybase PowerDesigner 15, MS SQL Server 2008 R2

Database Design Tool

Sybase PowerDesigner 15, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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