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Information Security


Operating worldwide, the company is a leading provider of digital identity and anti-fraud solutions to the finance, government, healthcare, and insurance industries. Among different institutions, the customer serves over a half of the world’s top 100 banks. The customer had a platform, which offered a range of services around digital identity. However, the solution had a monolithic architecture and was built on top of an outdated technology stack. As a result, the system was hard to scale and maintain.

Collaborating with Altoros, the company wanted to achieve ease of extending functionality, as well as deliver identity authentication, verification, and electronic signature components.

The outcome

Engineers at Altoros decomposed the monolith into six microservices responsible for identity verification, authentification, audit trail, evidence recording, notifications, and microservices orchestration. These six components ensure proper work of the digital identity, electronic signature, and agreement automation services. By implementing asynchronous method invocation across microservices, our developers provided data consistency. Using Swagger, the team at Altoros made it possible to dynamically generate web clients, which enable an orchestrator to manage interactions across all the microservices. To secure sensitive data, our engineers integrated a shared data storage with role-based access control. In order to avoid vendor lock-in, developers at Altoros built a custom library, which allowed for adding databases of choice on demand. Finally, engineers at Altoros covered the code with numerous tests using SonarQube.

Partnering with Altoros, the customer delivered a solution that digitizes, automates, and secures identity verification and authentication, as well as document processing and signing for 10,000 organizations. With microservices-based architecture, the company achieved scalability, high availability, and ease of maintenance.

Technology stack



Programming languages

Java 8

Frameworks and tools

J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Config Server, Docker, NGINX, Hibernate, Maven, Swagger, SonarQube, Jenkins, Git


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB

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