Enabling Real-Time Emergency Support for Car Owners



The company is a global provider of emergency assistance services for the automotive, travel, insurance, and healthcare industries. Founded in 1992 in New Zealand, the organization also operates in Australia and the United Kingdom.

When the company turned to Altoros, it had a legacy system—for handling emergency requests—built on top of the outdated technology stack. The product was hard to maintain, it was impossible to extend the functionality, and lacked web interface. As a result, employees were not able to process emergency requests timely.

Cooperating with Altoros, the company wanted to create a cloud-native solution that would ensure 24/7 request processing in real time and let work from any place.

The outcome

By integrating with the PubNub API, developers at Altoros made it possible to monitor user vehicles and incident location in real time. Our engineers also enabled the delivered solution to visualize incidents, maintenance points, and tow trucks in Google Maps.By implementing a custom background service, the team at Altoros ensured that a vehicle location could still be tracked when a user mobile phone is in the sleeping mode. To foster processing of emergency requests, our developers built a survey functionality, so that employees could efficiently provide car owners with the required assistance.

Partnering with Altoros, the customer has already addressed almost 116,000 road incidents providing assistance to 150+ car owners per day in real time. As the delivered solution gained popularity among end users, the company partnered with 50 new insurance providers to further improve customer service. By digitizing workflows, the organization ensured 24/7 emergency support.

Technology stack


Azure Web Services

Programming languages

C#, TypeScript, JavaScript

Frameworks and tools

ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, Entity Framework Core, Serilog, AppInsights, Okta SSO, Stripe, PubNub, Twilio, Google Maps


Azure MS SQL

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