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Established in 2016, the company is a Germany-based provider of flight refund services. Operating globally, the organization helps to get compensation for delayed and cancelled flights in just 48 hours.The customer had a claim management system built on top of the legacy technology stack. This lead to multiple errors at different steps of data analysis while the system evaluated whether or not a passenger was entitled to compensation.

Cooperating with Altoros, the customer wanted to optimize claim processing at each of the 13 validations steps.

The outcome

By restructuring business logic, engineers at Altoros eliminated errors during data processing at each of the 13 validation steps. Now, the system was able to faultlessly aggregate a flight number, departure/arrival dates, presence of other claims, compliance with European Regulation 261/2004, incidents, reasons for a flight delay or cancellation, weather conditions, etc. To optimize the website loading time, our developers transferred a part of assets to specific content distribution services. In addition, the team at Altoros implemented lazy content loading search engine optimization. This allowed to increase loading speed by 2.5 times. In order to analyze weather-related information, our engineers integrated the system with a trusted market solution to replace the deprecated service. Finally, developers at Altoros covered the code with multiple tests using Selenium.

Partnering with Altoros, the customer optimized data processing of its flight refund service at each of the 13 validations steps, enabling 15,000 users per year to get timely compensation for a delayed/cancelled flight. With the speed improvement by 2.5x, the solution’s website was able to retain its leading positions in Google Search results.

Technology stack



Programming languages

Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Frameworks and tools

Ruby on Rails, Selenium, Sidekiq



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