Software Suite for Mobile Technicians and Field Service Management

Logistics and transportation


Handyman is a software suite streamlining management of field service workers. With the help of iPhone, iPad, or Android devices it enables efficient data exchange and work coordination between field and office staff. The suite consist of a desktop part and a mobile application that synchronize to allow for assigning tasks, scheduling on site works, tracking progress, and information updates.

The outcome

ePocket Solutions AS received a highly customizable service management software suite that can be offered to a wide range of companies operating in different industries and countries. In Norway, 3 out of 4 electricians use this application as an essential tool in their every-day activities. The suite is also popular among mobile workers employed in other sectors, including utilities, construction, telecoms, manufacturing, and facilities management. The recent informal feedback from the world’s leading software research vendor suggests that ePocket AS is among the top 4 companies in the standardized mobile field service solutions market.

Technology stack

Server platform

Windows Server 2003/2008, MS SQL 2005/2008

Programming languages

VB.NET, T-SQL, Objective-C, C, Java


.NET Framework 4, Entity Framework, DevExpress Controls, Cocoa Touch, UIKit Framework


MS SQL 2005/2010, SQL Lite

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows XP, Windows 7, iPad, iPhone, Android

Database Design Tool

Visio 2010

Development Environment

Visual Studio 2010

Modeling Tool

Visio 2010

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