The NuoDB Migrator for Moving SQL Data to a NoSQL Database

Information technology


NuoDB is a NewSQL database platform with a unique geo-distributed database management system. It provides linear scalability, outstanding scale-out performance, continuous availability and can run anywhere—in a local data center, in multiple data centers around the world, or in the cloud. With support for multiple platforms, users are able to build hybrid solutions that have both Linux and Windows hosts.

The outcome

The NuoDB Migrator enables users to extract data from SQL-compliant databases and load it to NuoDB. The tool is able to manage large data processing scenarios, such as failures, continuation, restart and catch-up. During operation, completion status is displayed for task execution and users are provided detailed reports on the migration process.

While many enterprises would prefer to move to scalable NewSQL databases like NuoDB, the difficulty of data migration has held back progress. But with NuoDB Migrator and NuoDB Applier for Tungsten Replicator—developed by Altoros—it is now easy to jump on board with NuoDB’s geo-distributed database. The NuoDB Migrator is cross-platform and ensures a high level of data consistency and integrity, eliminating the old complications of data migration.

Technology stack

Server platform

Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS

Programming languages

Java 6


JDBC, Maven, Git, Travis, BSON, CSV, XML


NuoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, NoSQL

Development Environment

IntelliJ IDEA

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