Web Application for Fitness Professionals

Ruby On Rails


Fisikal is the brainchild of the legendary personal trainer Rob Lander. The solution was designed to assist trainers and fitness clubs in their daily activities. The existing Web application was very slow, so the first objective was to enhance the overall performance. The customer also wanted to add new features, including schedules with automatic reminders and an online payment system for handling money transfers between clubs. In addition, the application was to be used for educational purposes and had to be customized accordingly.

The outcome

The team of Ruby on Rails application developers redesigned the architecture of the solution and optimized the code in order to solve the security issues. They also did some code refactoring, improved the structure of the database, and fixed the bugs affecting overall performance of the application.

jQuery framework was implemented to enhance performance and schedule accuracy. This enabled the software to run times faster and also simplified future maintenance.

New modules were developed to support the new features. For example, in the new version of the application appointments can be created by trainers or by clients making it easier to find suitable time and type of activity. Multiple additional features enable users to select trainers and fitness clubs, make appointments, receive SMS reminders, pay for training sessions in advance, etc.

Among other improvements, the new application can generate reports and keep track of expenses/earnings. The localization technology makes it possible to determine to which club, university, or sports organization the user belongs, when they log into the system. The structure and the interface of the application changes accordingly. The whole solution is highly flexible and can be customized for other purposes.

Altoros delivered a high performing, stable, and secure application that can be easily adjusted to the purposes of various industries. The overall performance was improved by dozens of times attracting a great number of new users. The customer managed to create an additional revenue channel by implementing this solution in a number of UK-based fitness clubs.

Technology stack

Server platform


Programming languages



Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, jQuery



Client Platform/Application Server

Web browser/Nginx + Passenger

Development Environment

NetBeans, TextMate

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