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Ruby On Rails
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The solution is a Web engine that selects accessories (shoes, bags, etc.) for customers based on their preferences in style profiles. The new personal selection for each customer (called “showroom”) is created monthly. ShoeDazzle turned to Altoros to optimize the existing solution: enhance its performance, add new features, and test the existing functionality. The company also needed Altoros to share its knowledge and experience in Ruby on Rails development with the customer’s development team. Our team had to work both off- and on site to meet the customer’s requirements.

The outcome

The team of Ruby on Rails developers implemented the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) approach with all its limitations for processing database queries. Compared to traditional techniques of exchange between an object-oriented language and a relational database, the amount of code is less with ORM. Still, the team cannot always use ORM to process complex, database-specific queries. That is why we use ORM to process up to 80% of simple database queries. Queries that are more complicated are processed with MySQL. This enables us to use both ORM and traditional MySQL techniques to optimize the performance.

The performance of the solution has improved greatly. Our team continues to work with the customer on site sharing experience and knowledge in Ruby on Rails development. Altoros also implemented a number of software engineering methodologies (SCRUM, continuous integration) to optimize the development processes and collaboration between our teams.

Technology stack

Server platform

Cloud-based servers

Programming languages

Ruby, JavaScript


Ruby on Rails, jQuery, rSpec



Client Platform/Application Server

IE v.6+, Firefox v.3+, Safari, Chrome

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