Data Engineering

Hard to capture, difficult to analyze, and expensive to store—big data causes application time-outs, slow response times, and increased database ownership costs. But harnessing large amounts of unstructured information is only half of the problem. To stay competitive, you still need to use the full potential of your data. Those who fail to do this risk making important business decisions using incomplete information, miss multiple opportunities, and lose their competitive advantages.

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DB deployment and configuration. Data lake and data warehouse design.

Application development using datastore

Bring software products to market months ahead of the competition by promptly building highly efficient teams: add new members within days or even hours. Stay in full control or focus on core business activities while we manage the entire product life cycle.


DB performance and architecture benchmarking. rove your system is ready for big data with vendor-independent benchmarking against competitors on dozens/hundreds of servers—depending on expected loads.


Migration to a new database with custom ETL solutions and integration with the legacy applications.

Data analysis

DB performance optimization. Data analysis on top of the existing database with no impact on performance.


Update to the latest DB version.

We deliver in an agile manner

Sticking to the Agile methodology, Altoros is able to quickly respond to the constantly changing requirements of customers, break the development process into feasible iterations, and thus release faster and more frequently. Discover how we make it work.

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Damian Castelli
Business Development Manager