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With extensive expertise in JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and Responsive Web Design, software engineers at Altoros can build solutions to suit the custom needs of any project. Over 19+ years, our JavaScript programmers have developed advanced software applications for dozens of industries, including telecommunications, marketing, e-commerce, social networking, and media.

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Responsive web application development with Angular

With extensive expertise in Angular (AngularJS) software engineers at Altoros can build web, mobile, and desktop solutions to suit the custom needs of any project. We build complex systems using Backbone.js, React, Angular, Ember, ExpressJS, Native React and others, starting with the architecture before programming. Benefit from creating progressive, dynamic, and mobile-friendly applications with reusable components.

Angular application modernization & migration

Improve performance of your Angular application starting from adding new features and functionality to global changes and optimization. Update and migrate your existing Angular project to the latest versions. Stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends and features with the help of our Angular developers.

Application porting to angular

Get an intact and faster cross-technology migration of applications and disparate components to Angular in order to get robust applications. Benefit from building progressive, dynamic, and mobile-friendly applications.

Angular consulting services

Define the right technology roadmap and elaborate a working strategy of development and implementation. Our Angular consultants and experts offer strategic advice, guidance, and technical expertise required to assess the current state of your applications, detect limitations, provide recommendations on suggested improvements, and spot opportunities for growth.

Angular dedicated teams

Hire seasoned Angular developers and dedicated teams to serve your project needs. Benefit from the variety of technologies within Altoros and hire full-stack engineers with strong experience in the front- and back-end development, cloud technologies, and data engineering. Risk-free trial period and team retention guarantee.

We deliver in an agile manner

Sticking to the Agile methodology, Altoros is able to quickly respond to the constantly changing requirements of customers, break the development process into feasible iterations, and thus release faster and more frequently. Discover how we make it work.

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